Can you forgive your ex who once sexually verbally harass you and beg you to get in relationship?

  • Forgive him and get back into relationship
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  • Forgive him, but won't be in relationship
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  • Never forgive him
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  • Never


Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends how bad it was. But a relationship seems difficult.

    • Just after telling her that you are using her as a sex object.
      You telling her only you will take her panty off and will make her suck your dick.
      Then after two days crying for relationship

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What Guys Said 3

  • You begged to get in relationship? All the attraction that she may had was all destroyed by your begging. Move on!

  • I can forgive, but I won't get back with her.
    That's dead.

  • Huh? Would need more context and information to really answer.

    • A boy told her ex that he was using her as sex object then harassing her by saying only he will take her panty off and fuck her.
      Then after two days crying in front of her to get back into relationship

    • Sounds like the two of them should have an open, honest, nonjudgmental, face-to-face conversation about the situation and she should tell him how it made her feel to hear that stuff. Then he can explain himself as best he can. If they come to some kind of an understanding, then cool get back together, and if not, then screw him. Sounds like he was pretty damn rude.

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