Should I break up with her?

okay well me and this girl have been going out for a while I like her I'm sure she likes me but it like she don't really just a while ago she said she would call me back in like 2 min its been like 20 min.and like that with everything we don't get to see each other much anyway and she likes to hang out with other guys too. but idk! I like her feel free to ask me for more information I really need your help


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  • How often do you see her? And were these guys she knew before you two became gf/bf?

    Well, depending on why she has to call you back; I mean, if she's busy going to the bathroom, eating dinner, in other words, not talking to other guys then don't worry too much about it.

    If it becomes more frequent and she appears more distant, you'll just have to ask her; that is, if you want to. It's best to talk about things with the person, figure it out, before just breaking up with them.

    • No they were not her boyfriend before. and we see each other about once everyweek because we have to because of sports..but other then that we never hang out. we don't tex at all and we talk on the phone mabe 2 times a week

    • You mean, you don't even see each other on the weekends to study or something? Yeah, it doesn't seem like much of a relationship...sorry. Ha, I've been awarded the best answer! It's the only answer on here! Haha, thanks :-)

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