How do you completely get over someone you love?

My ex broke up with me in June, we were together for a year and in a long distance relationship for 2 years.

I never stopped loving him emailed him last week to tell him how I feel,and I would try harder to be with him if he still feel the same about us. Its hard for now, but it will worth the effort to share many years of happy life together said that he never stopped loving me too, but after much thought, he think its the best for us to move on, he want to settle down with someone close to him so that he don't need worry about visa, and he don't want to move to other country to live, its hard for him to adapt to different culture.He said to me we should move on, once he get a good job he will start looking for someone he can start a family with.

My heart is broken but I know I should face reality with dignity. I do wish him to be happy, he is a good man, when we were together, we had a great time.But I don't want to become a crazy, obsessed,sad woman,i am still thinking about him everyday, couldn't stop my do you completely get over someone you love?


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  • Recovering from a lost love is a personal journey. it's important to remember 2 things.

    one... sorrow takes time. when you need to grieve, grieve. But give yourself a limited amount of time.

    The key is to get busy. Do things with friends, do things that you like to do. do not sit around thinking about your former boyfriend.

    If you have been wanting to take a class, learn to dance or paint, now is a good time to do so.

    remember, the love you felt for someone is your love. you will love again.

    cry when you must, but smile just as often. over time, you will heal and you will be ready to love again.

    • After I wrote this question, I realized that if he have been the one for me, he would not have been broken up with me, I tried to convince myself that he still cares,but he doesn't. If he still love me, he would do anything to be me.

      "The love you felt for someone is your love, you will love again". Thanks a lot! I need get busy with my life indeed.

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