How can you tell your ex is in the rebound? Give signs! like would be not tell his best guy friend about her?

My ex is talking to this girl online who lives 5 to 6 hours away and I hear he actually wants to go stay with her for a day or 2 and have her stay here too. They been flirting a lot.

I hear the longer relationship you have with someone the longer it takes to get over them...he and I were together for 5 years. Engaged even and have a dog together and a lot of my stuff is still over at the house. He doesn't bother to tell me to take my stuff. He says he still has negative attachment towards me and he needs I know he's still hurting over us. But we agreed to be friends.


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  • He still contacts you, he uses her to make you jealous, or to get over the feelings that he still has for you,

    • You think he's using her to make me jealous? This could be true. I went a little insane for a half hour about this the other day and desided to save his MSN history to see what they were like talking. He says stuff like "I would love to spend time together" "I can't wait to see you" and "hey sexy". Anyways he found out I did this and never confronted me about it just unchecked the save history box. Never changed his password! I think he's doing this on purpose..he wants me to know and get upset.

    • All I know is I'm NEVER invading his privacy again! ha ha I learned my really hurt me to see him saying stuff like that to her. Bad move of me to do...

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