Am I the conversation he does not get from his wife?

I am confused and need insight or guidance from peers. I have been talking to my ex-boyfriend for the last few months. A little background on the situation, he was my first boyfriend from 7th grade. He was my first crush. When high school began, we lost touch. At my senior prom, he showed up with a friend of mine. I thought that was cool. They married three years later. From time to time, the ex and I would run into each other. We would hug and catch up on things. I lost track of him until last year. Thanks to Facebook, he looked me up and we became friends. I became friends with his wife because we were friends in high school. One day I received a text message from him and ever since we have been texting back and forth. He tells me that he got married so young and he was not able to experience life as a young adult. Our text messages are daily and can last for hours. The entire time, I have no idea what his wife is doing. I feel like I am in a mental relationship with this person that I have known for 20 plus years. Is this my problem? Is this innocent conversation or am I being a home wrecker? I think that I am over analyzing the situation. Am I looked at as a friend or the conversation that he is not getting at home? Help me!


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  • I also think you should stop. How would you feel if you were in his wife's position? Isn't she your friend too?

    Do you believe she knows about these messages? Doesn't sound like it to me, but I think you should ask him. And then stop.Or stop first, but it sounds lik you want some closure..

  • If I have to be completely honest, I think you need to cool it of.

    If it was my husband, I would have a serious problem with this.

    And if he has problems with his wife, it's his responsibility to work them out. And he is not doing that by texting with you every day for hours.


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