Why can't guys move on once I break up with them?

Every relationship I have been in I have been the one to end it; all have cheated in someway and lied. However, when I break up with them it is non-stop trying to win my heart back. I make myself very clear when I break up with them, sometimes it is even to the point that I have to get downright mean to them. My last ex I actually had to get a protection order from because he was calling me 70 times in a matter of 2 hours and following me, getting physical with me, and harassing my family.

Now the guy I am with told his ex girlfriend "I love you too" and I am not okay with that. He lied to me about saying it and I found out from none other than facebook! I am teetering whether to call it quits with this new guy or not because he said it was a friendship love...but then why lie?

Besides the point; he told me he would never stop chasing me and always take me back...ALMOST WORD FOR WORD WHAT THE OTHER 2 TOLD ME! Why can guys not move past a relationship after they screwed it up? Do they feel like they have to prove themselves?


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  • I think your right on the head with that one. People that have screwed up feel like there not right until they fix what they've screwed up. On some level it's not just guys, but woman as well. But the point is, sometimes there isn't anyway to fix things, it's the matter of moving on, and trying to fix who you are on the inside, And hope the next time you don't screw up the next relationship, because sometimes there isn't anyway to fix things.

    There's a saying I once read. It's hard to grasp, but it's very true "if you break a vase, but put it back together, there still are cracks". So within that aspect, things won't ever be the same. Because if one breaks trust, then you won't ever get it back in full, because there are cracks in that relationship, and sometimes guys, and woman don't understand that.


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  • Thats only one type of person. There are lots of us out there who go completely different about a relationship. Me personally I've just had the final talk with my ex yesterday after taking a break 6 weeks ago and she said she didn't want to be with me so that's it. I went 30 days of no contact before that but I don't think ill ever speak to her again. Delete her phone number, get rid of old memorbilia, blocked off face book. Any thing that can remind me of her I get rid of or destroy including picture and minor presents.

    My point it that maybe your attracted to a certain type of guy and need to rethink that. They all lie or cheat and always chase you after. Seems to be a pattern to me.


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  • apparently you have a type! haha...sorry no advice, good luck though!


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