Would you be patient with a guy at the time you caught him cheating you?

Last few months ago I caught my boyfriend cheating on me, but until now he is asking me to love him again.


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  • There is nothing wrong with staying with someone that cheats on you, but you have to think about it. Do they love you? Do you feel that they love you? Do you feel they are truly sorry and that they will never do it again? Do you feel you can look past his infidelity? That will never be erased from your mind. If you can't look past that then you cannot do it.

    • The main problem is it wasn't the first time, my heart is full

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    • You're welcome, and thank you

    • Am Gloria mutoni

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  • Lol. He can go love a wall
    It was his choice, now he has to bear with the consequences


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