Long-distance girlfriend breaks up with me over a silly argument and blocks me on all social media?

Long-distance girlfriend breaks up with me over a silly argument and blocks me on all social media?

We were having a conversation over the phone one night.
It was all fun and games until she started insulting me, and calling me boring? Just beforehand, I was asking how her day went and what's new. She said she had an exam and that it went pretty well. She then went with her colleagues (two guys, one girl) to have a coffee. I asked how it went? She said "better than with you". I was then dumbstruck... I fumbled over my words as she continued. She started making me jealous by saying that the colleague started flirting with her and that she didn't reject him. I asked what are you doing?
That's considered cheating. I got mad and said that's not fair. I wouldn't do that to you. She then said yeah well you are kinda boring these past 2-3 weeks. I asked what's the deal? Are you losing your feelings for me or are you just stressed out? She was like no, you're just boring and stupid. Just all of a sudden those words were directed at me.(by the way this exact same girl would go ballistic when I go out with friends or a guy and girl).
She then continues to belittle me. I fire back by saying "you think you can do whatever you want but I can't"? She says "Yes, I can do whatever I want and you can't"That pushed my buttons as I said "I'm not your slave". She says "Oh yes, yes you are"I said you are being very immature and irrational right now. Stop being so toxic. After I uttered those words she hung up and blocked me on every social media.
Sorry for this long-winded explanation, its my first time writing such a thing, so please understand.(English is not my native language by the way). So what do you guys suggest? I felt very hurt after that call and haven't contacted her ever since.


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  • Long distance relationships rely on trust the most. It seems like she doesn’t want to be with you anymore because she’s losing interest and is trying to start petty arguments just to leave. If she truly loved you she would want to work it out and talk to you about it, and wouldn’t do things to upset you.

    Or perhaps she’s being immature and wants to get a reaction out of you to make things “interesting”.

    If you love her and have future plans with her, then try working things out. If she’s always acting up unexpectedly and there’s little chance of a happy future together then break up. Good luck man :)

    • So which one is it? I don't think that that would be interesting in the least. She did that sort of thing but then it was all in good fun. This time she seemed pretty serious...

    • If she doesn’t usually do this then I recommend breaking up. Blocking on all social media could be a sign that she doesn’t want anything more to do with you.

    • Thanks for the advice. I will keep that in mind.

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  • She's lost interest and using insults to distance you both. Time to move on.

    • That's what I'm thinking right now.

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  • She is not worth it, don't let her toy around with your emotions like that.

    • Easy to say, tough to do. Thanks for the advice.

    • True, never said it was easy. But it's not fair, and it doesn't sound like she's going to change her ways. So if you keep this up, you'll only torture yourself. Good luck!

    • Thanks!

  • Just leave her, she may be expressing the feelings that she’s felt for a while. You’re only going to get hurt.

    • You may be right... thanks all the same.

  • How old is she? Long distance relationship is very difficult to keep, especially she is really young and immature. the questions is do u still love her? She behave like this might because she is lonely, when ever she want you to be there you are not… if you still love her, contact her

    • She's older than me... she's 23. I do love her... and she does this kind of stuff a lot lately and I don't know if I can cope with it for much longer. I always try to defuse the situation and every time I do she just belittles me even more the next time. I think she takes that as a sign of weakness... who knows.

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    • Yeah, pretty much.

    • Thanks for the advice by the way!

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