My ex thinks he's protected by his new girlfriend?

My ex boyfriend dumped me and we never contacted one another again. But in the few months after we broke up he would get all bent out of shape if I was somewhere he was or with certain friends. Again, he never contacted me to define post-breakup boundaries so I was constantly getting in trouble for "crossing the line" I didn't know about.

Now its been 3 months and he has a new girlfriend-and he has magically stopped pretending I don't exist when we bump into one another (WAY to small of a town). I tried to call him on the fact that he's only nice to me now because he feels "protected" by his new relationship. He says that's not true he's just finally "in a better space" and has "moved on" Same difference right? He doesn't seem to think he would still be ranting/ignoring if he were single, but I call Bulls***t.



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  • Sounds like you're way overthinking this. The fact that you're worrying about it says you're the one who's not over him.

    • Its not a question of where I'm at with the breakup-we are discussing how exes ignore one another in the wake of the breakup.

    • Thats normal. Its healthy, in fact. Facilitates with the whole "moving on" thing.

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