Is he telling me to back off? Help :)

There's this guy I like and two weeks ago I called him to tell him I like him, as at the time he thought I was mad at him and not talking to him due to some friend of mine interfering, so I called to clear up a misunderstanding and also to let him know he is really important to me.

The reason why I called him was the following: In English one of my friends Elise overheard him talk to his friend about this girl that he really likes and that isn't talking to him at the moment and he doesn't know what to do since he cannot help but like her. To test if he was talking about me, she said something about me to the person she sat next to and both turned around and looked. I assume they meant me since it also really fit the situation.

So I called him that night and he seemed really happy about it. He never said I like you back, but he said that we should "hang" sometime and that he was really glad I called and we both agreed on the fact that we don't want to lose each other again. We also kept laughing a lot and chatting afterward, so I don't think he felt awkward or anything.

Thing is, at school we still don't talk. We say hi to each other, at least I do, but he is not really making an effort to talk to me.

Does that mean he does not like me back and is telling me to back off? Or does he like me and is not talking to me for other reasons, whatever they may be? And what should I do if that was the case?


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  • my advice is to forget about him. he sounds like a major jerk and I don't think any girl should have to deal with a guy like that.


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