I have feelings for my ex but I'm not even sure what is going on?

So, me and my ex boyfriend had an awesome one year long relationship. Unfortunately, we could only meet at weekends because of distance but we travelled a lot together. He kepts saying i was the one for him, he wants me in a year to marry him and have kids together. He told me he hopes we could always stay together. 2 weeks later we had an argument and because of the distance couldnt talk about it. He texted me on fb that we are breaking up because he loves me but he is not in love with me. I tried to talk to him but he kept saying he doesn't love me.

After a while he seemed like he changed his mind, called me, told me maybe we could try again after a period of time until my university ends. We agreed but once he got angry at me and blocked me. I couldnt contact him for two months.

Then this January we could finally talk. He said he misses me as a person and it was awesome to be with me but he doesn't love me. He is happy with another girl. It hurts because i thought this was special, he can't just fall out of love. Apparently, not the case. What do you think? Is it possible to feel such deep love then moving on and 3 months later loving someone else? The breakup happened 5 months ago.


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  • That's a bad relationship because it's based on someone's temper, not based on respect or honesty.
    don't be surprised if he tries to communicate with you, I'm telling you this because it's going to happen when things get worse in his current relationship.

    he'll come because he'll know your value later... and the rest is your choice.

    • Thanks for your opinion! I can't imagine him trying to communicate with me, he tries to say everytime we happen to talk that he doesn't love me (i dont ask him all the time, he just somehow thinks it's important to emphasize) and that he is happy and that he is sorry that he is causing me pain.

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    • Yes, I do. But fortunately I will travel around Europe a bit now, maybe that will get him out of my thoughts.

    • good step.
      at least, you'll know life is bigger than a fake love.
      go and build a good relationship with yourself... and I hope you share with us what you feel after that trip.

      Have a good trip.

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  • Sounds like he was playing you from the start. Also sounds like he doesn't know what he wants and immature always choosing the easy way. What grown man with a decent amount of self respect deletes and blocks you because of 1 argument. Long story short he never loved you from the beginning, wish him the best and move on to bigger and better things.

    • I guess you are right. He keeps telling me that he wants to talk to me because im awesome and whatever i say is important to me, but also says that he is not in love with me.

    • Sounds like heDefinitely he wants to keep you around as a trusted "friend" or even use you has a backup plan. The real question is how do you even feel about him. Are you still in love with him? If you aren't you can be the mature one and still be friends with him but don't waste your time. Your friends but your mentally moving on.

    • Yes i have feelings for him and i can't be friends with him, not so soon. But i couldnt take him back after all these things.

  • It's EX got a reason move on male a news resolution

  • Wake up! He never loved you in the first place

    • I told him that why did he have to lie all the tine about loving me so much, he just said he really did love me, he doesn't know whati happened to him that weekend, he just felt like he was not in love with me so our relationship had no chance. But he keeps saying he misses me only as a person and he wants to talk to me.

    • He’s lying and doesn’t know what love is. Stop talking to him and move on. He’s only wanting to keep you around as a backup plan

  • Go for him

    • What do you mean? He has a girlfriend and he keepskeep saying he is not in love with me

  • Seems that he doesn't know what he wants and goes with the easy route. True Love has no boarders but that is rare nowadays

    • Well, i guess he doesn't want to try solving problems with me so i guess i should move on

    • Hi. Sorry for you but move on. he's not ready yet to Love someone truly. he's after sex and good time, nothing else.

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