How do I get over my ex? It's been over a year now. HELP!!

I was talking to this guy on and off my freshman year. Sophomore year was a bit more serious. He finally asked me out and we dated for 6 months. He never really gave me a reason why we broke up we just did, OVER THE PHONE! He was my first boyfriend and kiss. After we broke up we didn't talk for 7 months, then somehow we started talking again and we spent Christmas together. After that we didn't talk for 6 months then found each other at a carnival. He told me he was leaving for the Air Force in a couple weeks. We texted each other a lot until he could no longer text cause he had left for training. I get an IM on Facebook from his ex, of 2 weeks saying she loved him and missed him a lot. He's finally back and he text me. His ex and I became friends. So when she told me he text her too I was upset. I just found out yesterday that they are dating again. I can't seem to get over it. I dated him for 6 months and it was great. They only dated for 2 weeks and he's back with her? The times we didn't talk I thought I was over him but then when I'd see or talk to him all the feelings I thought I no longer had came back. Why can't I get over him? It's been over a year.


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  • question for you would be if he was yur first love? because if he was, its completely understandable why its hard to get over him. you will always feel something for yur first love. but if he wasn't yur first love, its possible you are just jealous. you don't really want to be with him. just don't like seeing him with someone else. especially someone you know

    • I guess you could say that. He's the only guy I ever dated. I would say that I'm kind of envious of her.

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    • It's just hard. You're being a lot of help. Thank you (:

    • A lot of things in life are hard though. relationships seem to take their toll a lot more on people than anything else. just start hanging out with yur friends and having fun. things will definently get better

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  • You need to find someone--or somethng--new. Join a new club, meet a lot of new people, stay busy.. Pretty soon you'll meet someone else.

  • If I were you I would get over it. You deserve better and I bet you can get someone way better.

    Keep your head up!

    • I've tried but seems like when I talk to someone knew they're complete jerks.

    • You can talk to me I'm no jerk. I like listing to what people have to say and how there feeling

      so chat it up if you want?

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