Tips for heart break and being heart broken?

anyone have any tips for dealing with this


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  • Tip 1 - drinking never solves anything

    Tip 2 - time is a good healer.

    Tip 3 - find your own way of moving forward. Be that finding a new partner or other things

    • thank you <3 its the hardest when im alone

    • Yeah it's definitely difficult on your own. If ever you feel down and need someone to talk to. Contact some friends and family. If you can't speak to them, I'm sure the community here will do what they can to help you.

    • thank you very much i really appreciate it

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  • Make new friends

    Go out with them
    Fight it emotionally

    • im just scared a month will go by and ill miss him a lot

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    • Ohhk

      Then try online friends, they are anonymous

    • ok:/

  • Keep yourself occupied; work, hobbies, commitments, family/friends, work out
    It will pass

    • i just hate it, he's my best friend he's the person i would always share everything with

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    • i know thats how i felt about my ex when this guy came along

    • Take some time... reflect on the good and not so good. Move on to better things

  • Time and focus on building yourself for a stable future that can include a man if you want one.

    • i really need to start becoming more stable on my own

    • Your independence is more important than being emotionally dependent on someone. Remember that.

    • I am way to emotionally dependent on him right now and i think thats what makes it hurt so much

  • Well I have a good advice don't care about it never again and forget about it

    • but what if its been on and off

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    • I go to a different school

    • Can't live near to him or with him?

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