What are signs a guy really isn't over his ex?

Me and my ex have managed to become friends again after dating for about 6 months. We were really good friends before ever dating. He's the one who broke up with me, not exactly for for sure why. I think things got too serious too fast, just because we already knew each other so well & got along so good because we had already been friends. He claimed to still really like me when we broke up, he just "didn't want things to end badly between us & loose me forever".

But yeah, its been about 2 months since the break up, & we've finally got over the awkward stage... and have managed to become friends again.

We work together on campus, and he still comes up with any excuse to touch me. He grabs my butt a lot, and tells me I look really good. A couple weeks ago he even kissed me before he left work.

I don't know what to think really. I thought we were doing good as being friends again, but it seems he isn't over me. We've talked about it before, he just says he does that kind of thing 'just for fun'. But could it be something more?

Just wondering if there are any signs a guy gives when he isn't over someone.

**also, he told me he felt like things weren't completely over between us. How can I tell if he is thinking about getting me back? I already told him like a month ago that I thought getting back together would be a bad idea. Did that affect his thinking?


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  • I think no one can really answer this. My ex broke up with ME. Than she insisted on staying friends. I left her room, and she kept being very nice so that I would not feel hurt and everything was peachy.

    Then she started to miss me and tell me how she cried after me so I felt bad because I really started to enjoy being single so I tried to break it off completely because I started to feel as bad as when we were together again.

    Than we met on a ski trip we both paied while we were together and she again started to tell me how she finds it weird that she can't take my hand anymore etc. and when I told her that I liked her and that she broke up with me. Later she acted as if I was comming on to her and that it bothered her...

    In the end I just told her I was done... she was a sucky friend and just wanted me around to feel good while she made me feel like crap so no regrets for me there. I tried but sometimes you just can't go back to being friends.

    If that's all he does it's OK. Just make sure he will be alright when he sees you with other guys and that he understands it's just you moving on and not you trying to make him jealous.


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  • Here's my blunt response:

    That stupid f*ck should just come back and say that he wants to resume the relationship with you, and that it was dumb of him to drop you back to 'just friends'. Good relationships last because the couple were friends first. This guy doesn't know what he wants. He needs to find his CERTAINTY in having you.

    And by making excuses and all that crap in touching you = he is sexually attracted to you.

    • Lol I like the bluntness of your response. how do I tell if he is just sexually attracted to me? or if he actually wantssss to be with me?

  • the fact that he's around you is bringing back old feelings he had for u. which depending on yur situation could or couldn't be a good thing. I don't think there are many more upfront signs of someone not completely over an ex than that. usually one big one is they have trouble not staring at u. along with the desire to talk a lot. sometimes too much is not a good thing to see from an ex

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  • I he touches you like that, he wants you back. If you don't want to get back together, tell him to stop.

    • Or could he just be trying to 'get with me'... touching me like that? We have known each other for a while before we ever dated. So I really wouldn't think he would just use me like that, but I don't know.

  • he's sexually attracted to you.

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  • Normally I would automatically think he isn't over you but lately I have been hearing a lot about guys keeping in contact with their ex because its easy to hook up with them again without having to put effort into becoming friends or doing nice things like they would have to do if it were with a completely new girl. Especially if he's just being really touchy feely, he may just want to hook up...be careful!

  • No That's For Sure

    He isn't over

    If you still have feelings for him

    Tell him Ur Feelings But Not all of it

    cuz if he doesn't it would ruin your friendship

  • if he talks about her a lot. even in casual conversation if he brings her up...even if he badmouths her


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