What are signs a guy really isn't over his ex?

Me and my ex have managed to become friends again after dating for about 6 months. We were really good friends before ever dating. He's the one who broke up with me, not exactly for for sure why. I think things got too serious too fast, just because we already knew each other so well & got along so good because we had already been friends. He claimed to still really like me when we broke up, he just "didn't want things to end badly between us & loose me forever".

But yeah, its been about 2 months since the break up, & we've finally got over the awkward stage... and have managed to become friends again.

We work together on campus, and he still comes up with any excuse to touch me. He grabs my butt a lot, and tells me I look really good. A couple weeks ago he even kissed me before he left work.

I don't know what to think really. I thought we were doing good as being friends again, but it seems he isn't over me. We've talked about it before, he just says he does that kind of thing 'just for fun'. But could it be something more?

Just wondering if there are any signs a guy gives when he isn't over someone.
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**also, he told me he felt like things weren't completely over between us. How can I tell if he is thinking about getting me back? I already told him like a month ago that I thought getting back together would be a bad idea. Did that affect his thinking?
What are signs a guy really isn't over his ex?
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