He's convinced I'm cheating - help

hi well I'm 20 my boyfriend is 27 I have a 2 year old daughter and about 2months pregnant I live with my partner.

my problem is he's constantly accusing me of cheating has done since we started dating and one day I was leaving home to give him a shock and he recorded me without me knowing I was sorting my daughter out and wrote him a 5 page love letter but on the recording you hear someone say oh f**k like there having sex he put the recorder in the fire you can hear everything me walking I told him its not me you can't hear the door go I don't even talk to anyone and I was texting my friend with what of been during supposed sex all this happened in 15minuites because before you can hear me on the phone to my friend . anyway he ended up crying asking me back I said OK but I'm going to do a lie detector to prove which I did cost £550 and I passed with flying colors no sex with anyone since we met not since we've gone out or anything but now he still thinks I did and I tricked the lie detector I've only slept with 3 people in my life I'm not that type of girl but he won't believe me even though I proved it. he said today if I don't admit it he's leaving me but iv got noting to admit which I proved I just don't know what to do any advice appreciated thanks

oh and this lie detector was 3months ago and he's been fine since the odd snide comment but all of a sudden admit or I'm leaving out of nowhere

hes only had on serious relationship before and she cheated on him with his best mate that was 4 years ago and he's pushed away all other girls since he's said more focused on the gym and toning up which he still does my dad has known him since he was younger to and he's not the player type but maybe he could of on me like you said its just weird how he's come out with it all now like admit it well get over it its almost as if he wants me to admit iv done something which I haven't so he can admit does that make sense or is this my crazy pregnancy hormones?

help? sorry for the essay

he says he really wants to be with me only brought me a pandora braclet a few days ago says he can't trust me but loves me I asked him straight up if he wants to leave me and its an excuse and he said no I'm so confused?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Is he trying to loose you or looking for a reason to loose you?

    Even if I had doubts, I'd never accuse my girlfriend of cheating. Not unless I had solid facts. And I certainly wouldn't spend a great deal of time trying to find out. That time could be better spent with her.


What Girls Said 1

  • I could be off base, but it's very probably he's projecting his own guilt onto you. Basically, he's the one cheating. I've seen it happen more times than I can count. The person doing the cheating is always paranoid and suspicious of their partner cheating. Mostly because they assume, "hey if I can bring myself to cheat and get away with it, he/she probably is to." The guy sounds like a mess though. Whether he's cheating or not, you've gone way above and beyond the call of duty to prove your faithfulness. If it doesn't stop you should leave him. Also because he's probably been sneaking around on you for quite some time.


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