Why did my ex contact me?

Well I guess he's not really an ex we only went out 2 times, never even slept together. I'm 23 he's 27. We were supposed to see each other for the 3rd time but then his grandmother died and he started to text and call a lot less until he just disappeared. That was over 5 months ago, we haven't talked since until...i get a text from him randomly saying "We should hang out sometime, its John from Austin's Class" I took a day to think about it, thinking it was only a drunk text but then when I answered him saying "Sure, we should catch up" he kept asking me questions about what I've been up to, asked if I was still living in the same spot, and seemed really interested in my life. He did most of the asking of questions I just responded for the most part.

I guess I'm confused because I've had ex boyfriend's contact me before and it was they were lonely or nostalgic or just wanted a romp in the hay...but I barely know this guy, never had sex...we had 2 dates 5 months ago...it just seems weird. What does he want?


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  • You were not the only girl at the time you initially went out with him.

    He chose another girl over you.

    Now he's single/unattached again and falling back to plan B (aka you).


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