Why does my ex talk bad about me after four year break up?

four years ago my ex decided to call it quits and she left me, but now four years later I was talking to a friend and she said that my ex was putting me down my question is why does my ex have so much resentment towards me I never treated her bad when she was with me.


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  • I don't really know either? I'm going threw the same thing except this was just recently...I never treated my ex bad either? Now he's acting like a total jerk and I didn't even speak to him at all after we split I guess it was kina mutal..i left him and he moved out during the time I left him so I don't know but I read up on somestuff sometimes people who badmouth you deep down they really still care because they wouldn't really put effort into hating someone right? if they really did personaly they wouldn't speak about you at all...


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  • Because she still cares. If she didn't she would totally ignore anything to do with you.

  • Who cares? It's four years later. If she wants to be a petty bitch then so be. Live your life and ignore her.


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