Is it okay to be a little peeved in this situation?

My boyfriend's ex girlfriend hates me. I mean HATES me. They dated for three years and although he broke up with her, she is still madly in love with him. Calls and texts him all the time. He stopped talking to her for a while because of some crazy things she did towards me. However, lately he's been trying to, for lack of better words, salvage their friendship. I'm sort of okay with that seeing how they did know each other for a long time. He has told her that he is madly in love with me at which point she cried. I'm okay with them occasionally hanging out. But it seems, since trying to "salvage the friendship", he doesn't ignore her texts as often, they occasionally hang out, and leave each other comments on facebook. Oh, and she STILL hates me. Should I worry that their "friendship" might develop into something more? Has he crossed any boundaries? I do somewhat trust him but I am worried of what she could do. Should I bring it up with him or are my fears just delusional?

Thank you so much!


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  • Yes you should be very skeptical of this, in my opinion there is no such thing as ex's being friends when you have a new girlfriend. Especially if they text and hang out, think about it, these two have been intimate and sexually involved, so when your not around them while they're hanging out, they are talking about all of the fun things they used to do together and how much they miss it, and your at home allowing it to happen, your a cool girlfriend! Then you end up being the girl that gets dumped for the ex. So I would tell him he needs to leave the past in the past and if he can't do that then he doesnt' respect you or the relationship. Then leave him alone, you are going to get hurt!

    Then, if he has the nerve to call you insecure, or jealous then that just means he's insensitive to your opinions and thoughts and it will be like that for the whoooole realationship.


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  • He's going to go back to her at some point, nothing to do with you but it will be out of guilt or something else. You should date other guys too. Don't get too attached here. This is the proverbial situation of someone who has "baggage" but it isn't yours. You're young and there will be plenty of time to meet Mr. Right.


  • I think you should look at the situation from all angles. Maybe you should be skeptical about the situation, the main question you need to ask yourself is do you trust him enough when he's with is ex? If you feel like you can't trust him then there's no hope for your relationship to work. As long as you trust him when he hangs out with is ex then things will be fine, if you question him he may get the wrong idea and could end up going back to her.


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