What does it mean when your ex boyfriend comes up and talks to you?

comes to a place your at and since you didn't see him he tries to get your attention by talking really loud and after you notice that he's there he comes up and talks to you and gives you three hugs (cause the first he dint like) lol


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  • Sounds like he is trying to see if he can get you to pay attention to him. Why? Because he can and he's probably "in between" girlfriends. There is a reason why this guy is an ex.. Do you remember WHY you broke up? He hasn't changed. He's the same guy.. I wouldn't put much energy into this.. I think he's missing the attention you used to give him. When someone new comes along - he won't remember you. Move on. Exs are exs for a reason. Hugz

    • He broke up with me =[

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