How do I know if I should move on?

Me and my boyfriend just broke up, we dated for 15 months. We broke up before and he ended up coming back but how do I know if he's really done this time or not?


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  • Explain what happened before? That might give me more of an insight to what's been going on... Because it really depends upon what's been happening, how long the break-up was...

    • Before we had a huge fight and he acted like he hated me, he ended up dating another girl and then broke up with her a month later saying that he only loved me and he only wanted to be with me. Now we had another fight and I don't know if its the end or not.

    • Well it sounds like he hated you because he was seeing this other girl, and then when he broke up with her he realized he missed you. Now you had a fight this time... so what was the fight about this time?

    • He accused me of flirting, which I wasn't because I barely even know the other guy. Which I think he was just being overaly sensative and now he thinks he can't trust me.

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