My ex teases and insults me.

I broke up with my about 7 months ago because of something that had happened in his family, and he couldn't handle a relationship.

He told me he still cared about me after we broke up and offered to be friends.

He didn't talk to me for about three months and afterward, he started to approach me in class, but very immaturely. (Throw something at me to catch my attention, say something about me to the teacher as a joke, tease me, etc.)

After the summer passed, I had seen him a couple of times, he had come over, and told me that he still liked me.

We got into a fight a couple of days after that and he hadn't talked to me since.

We both went back to school and he started to tease me in class again. Especially when I ignored him. I know I shouldn't let this get to me, but I just want to know what he is trying to do. What is his problem? :S


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  • Sounds like he's trying to get your attention. He most likey still has feelings for you. Try talking to him about it, because I doubt he'll stop any time soon if you don't.

    • The thing is, I've talked to him a bunch of times about this already, he just won't quit. The more I ignore him, the more he teases. I guess maybe he still has feelings left over for me or something...

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  • He's trying to get your attention plain and simple. Its an old wives tale that young people who have a crush on someone teases them and makes fun of them. Simples.


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  • maybe he's just quite a fool.. just kidding! hehehe.. you both need to talk, clarify things and then move on!

  • Either annoyed with you for ignoring him, etc. Or trying to get your attention. H


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