Should I break up with her?

Okay I just started going out with this girl last week and everybody makes fun of me for it. Its not that she's ugly its that I'm tall and kinda fat and she is short and normal sized. And when I say tall I mean huge. I'm 6'5. And when I say kinda fat I mean muscular buff looking with a layer of fat over it. Everyone makes fun of her for going out with me and I was walking down the hall holding her hand and this girl that I know was like ewww why are you with him and she immediately let go of my hand. I figure I might as well save the heartbreak and dump her now because if people keep making fun of her she is gonna dump me anyway. What do you think?


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  • talk to her! ask her how she feels about the mean things people say! if you two truly cared about each other, then their words are worthless. don't let a couple of jerks ruin what you could have, because you may end up regretting it if you make the wrong decision. since you've only been dating for a week, things like this are bound to happen in the beginning. if you two really like each other, then this mess will blow over real soon. if people still make rude comments, ignore them because you've still got an amazing girl, and they can't take that away from you. you've already won, so don't let people make you lose. good luck :)


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  • Yep, sorry. You're probably right though, after all it is high school and that's just what high schoolers do.

  • I think that you should break up with her because it's not worth it. Yes, she actually may be attracted (then again maybe not, I'm not trying to be rude.) to you but if she won't admit it I don't think that it's worth your time.


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