Ex lying about break-up & still living together?

After 2 years of being together, my boyfriend broke up with me saying he's "just not happy anymore." We spoke about what was making him unhappy and how we can work things out. I tried my best to make the relationship work but he did nothing to work on it and about a week later, he broke it off completely. We still live together and I'm moving out in 2 weeks but he is lying to everyone, saying I broke up with him and I'm leaving him stranded with an apt to pay by himself. Why do guys do this and should I confront him about it or just let it be? I don't want people to think I'm cold and just left him...he's the one who ended the relationship.


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  • This "relationship:" has become toxic. You guys need to get far, far, away from each other. You have said he invests nothing.. he's letting YOU do all the work.. and for what? Crumbs? Why are you doing this to yourself? It's not YOUR problem if he's being a jerk - and DEFINITELY not YOUR responsibility to PAY HIS WAY...! He's using you. Please let him go. Go your separate ways and don't worry what "other" people way. It's YOUR life. NOT THEIRS.. Do you tell them how to live? Honey, you are not happy... There is a reason you're not happy... HIM.. Lose him. He's no good for you anymore. You deserve a guy who adores you and wants to take care of you.. IS THIS HIM? Ummm.. I think not. Do the right thing -- he could care less about anything but a free ride. Don't continue to play his mind games. Hugz.

  • oui...for your own sanity, I would let it be...sorry I know its hard, but don't sink to his level


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