What does my ex want from me?

OK, here are the details:

- we started dating 2 months after we ended our previous relationships

- we dated for 4 months, after 2 months I met his friends, his family and got the key to his apartment - and I didn't even ask 4 it

- then he ends things saying that he needs time for himself to figure things out, that he's feelings for me haven't changed - so it has nothing to do with me and he would like us to stay friends, I agreed but of course this takes time

- a month after the break I went away for the summer for some time - he contacted me once a week - I never initialized that but I didn't ignore it either - he asked if he could see me for a cup of coffee when I come back - which I agreed

- we have been seeing each other once a month, we go to the movies together - we talk about a lot of things even about the relationship (we agreed that the sex was great and that we didn't do nothing wrong - so the break up was out of the blue) - he mentioned he has no intention on dating until he sorts his problems out

- l told him that we can be friends and only friends - and we even shook hands

- lately he started to mention how our sex was great and that we have a lot in common, he eve suggested if I want to start dancing again that he would like to be my partner and he talked about a trip in the future we might go on if I want to

- and a few days ago when he walked me home after we met for coffee he tried to kiss me - I didn't respond - I was baffled but told him he must give me time and said good night.

So my guess is this guy doesn't know what he wants - or he wants just sex as men usually do!?

And another thing to take into consideration - his best friend and only wing man is currently dating so he hasn't been going out that much to pick up girls.
I wrote it wrong previously - we have been seeing each other once a week for a month and a half now - not once a month


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  • You guys see each other once a week, but do have any contact via e-mail, text or phone, in between the time you are apart? Why only once a week? what is he doing that he can't see more of you?

    • Yes we talk - he sends a message, I answer and then he calls and we talk for hours - he send e-mails to me but most of the time it's funny pictures and jokes.

      We broke up - so as friends I don't have to see him more than once a week - I have a lot of other friends and don't have time for them all - so it suits me (because I still have this anger inside - I haven't forgiven him completely). But he's the one that suggested it that way, even though he is trying to change it lately.

    • FYI : when we were together he called me every day and we used to see each other almost every day - it was way too intensive.

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