Ex tells me I'm special to him, yet he wants to date someone else?

My ex & I dated for almost 2 years in high school. We broke up the beginning of senior year because we both we're going to school far apart. Freshmen year, I met another guy and I started going out with him my ex wanted me back and told me distance didn't matter. After he confessed his feelings for me, we stopped talking for about 5 months until, last summer I broke up with my boyfriend.My ex & I hooked up all summer. When I told him I wanted to be his girlfriend again he shot me down and said I'm someone really special in his life but he can't be with me right now. When this school year started we kept in touch the first couple weeks but the last few weeks I'm lucky if he even says hi to me. I saw on his facebook the girl he was telling me about, and he told me if he dated her he would still hook up with me because I'm special and it wouldn't be cheating because it's me. I saw last night online that he was going to the movies with her, he put it as his status. So I texted him saying hope you happy with your new girl, I guess I mean nothing to you anymore. goodbye. An hour later he texted me saying wtf you know I'm here for you still. I never wrote back. I need advice.


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  • That means you're just a friend to him.


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