I've been talking to an ex and I don't know if she's interested in me now or not.

We broke things off earlier this year and we didn't talk for awhile. We saw each other around during summer. And we've texting each other a little since then. She told me there's a guy that she's "kinda" dating but I've never see them together. And she texts me almost everyday now and usually when we see each other at school she'll stare at me or look at me and look away and then keep glancing at me. Or shell be walking by and she's staring with the corners of her eyes. I can tell because she keeps her head facing forward but her eyes are still locked on me. Is she kinda interested again or playing games?


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  • Are you interestd in her again? If so, then maybe you could pursue it a little more to find out. Ask her! But keep in mind that she is with someone else, so becareful. It is possible that she doesn't like you, but she likes that you like her, or wants you to like her. Sometimes girls just like the attention they get from guys, even when she is not interested in anything with him. If you don't think anything is going to happen with you guys, then forget about it. She will quickly get the hint and maybe you guys can still be friends.

  • She is deffentally still has a thing for you, but hey you broke up with her.

    That hurts.

    I don't think that she is interested in you, she just rembers the great times you had together and she may think once and again that she still likes you.

    But she know she doesn't she just likes the time you had together.

    I think you should still be good friends with her, really good friends.

    Because it is hard from being in a relationship to not even friends. So be her friend.

    Your going to have to make the big effort into this friendship, because you broke her heart.


    • I didn't break up with her we just kinda stopped talking. But I guess she was the one that broke up with me

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