Why won't my ex just leave me alone? is he trying to spite me or make me jealous? give me a break!

he dumped me, saying that while he really liked me, he was still in love with his ex. in the end, she didn't take him back, and my ex didn't come back to me either. fine. I'm heartbroken, but I move on with life. I live, smile, I go on dates, and am currently staving off sexual advances by this one dude, who is very attractive, cool, and successful, but who doesn't want a relationship. (I want something meaningful and long term and I refuse to compromise for anything less, so I will NEVER sleep with this guy). apparently, my ex finds out about this guy trying to mack on me, and all of a sudden, after weeks of not talking to me, my ex is back in contact with me. in the meanwhile, I find out that my ex is now with a new girl. his new girl is having a birthday party with a couple of friends at HIS place, and he's contacting me, trying to get me to come out. what the crap?! WHY? he doesn't know that I know about his new girl... so his eagerness to get me to the party makes me feel like he's walking me into a trap so that I can see him draped over his new chick. really though, why would any guy invite his ex (whose heart he smashed) to his new girl's birthday party? is he on drugs, or what?!


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  • Prob just being a major doucher, it could be he wants to ease his conscious, or a 3some!

    • Could also be an insecure man who needs to know a lot of women want him in order to feel attractive

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  • "You always want what you can't have" really rings true with your ex.

    He's definitely trying to rub something in your face. Too bad the joke's on him! You're a smart girl with your wants/needs in order, and this douche bag is still playing childish games!

    You can't apply logic to illogical people. Just be happy that you realized all of this and saw through the bullsh*t.

    Congrats! (:

  • Do you want him back- if so than go to the party and get him back. If you are done with him than tell him no thanks for the invitation.

    • Lol, thanks for the advice but I'm not the type of woman that needs to compete with other women and "steal" back what I think is mine. If he and I are meant to be together, it will happen at the right time, and it will happen once his relationship dissolves naturally. That's how I roll. For now, all I was wondering is everyone's take on his crazy behavior.

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