Help, how do I move on?

It's been 18 months since my best friend (who I was also sleeping with) fell out with me. He stopped talking to me because I was going through a few personal problems (depression and eating issues) and he felt I relied on him too much to help me with these. I never heard from him for about 9 months then he began to talk occasionally. Just recently I haven't heard from him for 4 months and he's ignored the couple of messages I have sent him. I really miss him, he was my best friend and we used to be so close. Even though he might not sound like it, he was a really good friend and did used to be there for me when I needed him. I think he just changed. I'm really struggling without him and my problems have got worse. I feel so sad that I've lost something that was so special to me, yet he doesn't seem bothered to have lost me. I've stopped trying to contact him as I know there is no point but how am I meant to move on from this? People say it fades with time but it's been 18 months and it hasn't faded that much. I'm in my final year of a really stressful and intense university course which doesn't help either. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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  • I kinda know how you feel. I was stuck on somebody who wasn't thinking about me. We didn't have as much history as you guys but my broken heart didn't know the difference. I became depressed. It lasted for a few weeks but I snapped out of it. Unfortunately, you will have to move on from him and start to live your life without him. Find something to focus your energy on, reconnect with old friends and find a self help book (or group). You have the whole rest of your life to live.

  • You need to think of it like this - if he is able to move on I should be able to as well. It's obviously a habit that you keep thinking about him. Each time you think about him snap a rubber band on your wrist to remind yourself. You have to "punish" your mind each time it goes back to him. Remember whether or not he comes back into your life, your life is going to continue without him and you need to take care of yourself. You're allowed to be selfish.


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