My ex is still attracted to me, how do I win him back? HELP

At the last party I attended, I saw my ex. I'm definitely not over him and we never actually broke up. We saw each other 3 months before and slept together.

Anyways I learned that he was now in a relationship, which hadn't happened ever since we had dated.

He spent the whole first part of the party ignoring me, he was with his friends and his girlfriend and he said hi to everyone except me. But later on, while I was dancing with one of my friends I noticed that he was staring at me. My friend noticed as well and even bent over to tell me he was completed into me. I smiled and started asking people around me for a cigarette but nobody was listening so came over to me and lent me his pack with a flirty smile.

I think he's still attracted to me, so how do I win him back?


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  • I think he still ikes you and haven't forgotten about you. I think it's going ot be a challenge getting him back because he has a girlfriend. But anything can happen. I guess maybe you guys can hang out and talk and maybe you can find out if he still misses you or care about you still. I think he actions speak louder then his words and I think you guys might have a chance if he breaks up with his girlfriend.


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