Need better fighting tactics?

so how do you usually fight with your SO?

what do you usually fight about?

what happens after the fight?

How do you make up?

when I fight, either he yells or I yell really loudly. He gets up to leave and leaves the house for a few h ours or I get out and leave to sleep in the living room. we call each other names, really bad names (crazy beep, you a**hole etc). He breaks the lamp, laptop, anything and everything. I hit him, he pushes me. Lots of stuff gets broken. I always threaten to leave.

what do we fight about? his secret sexual past and his secrets on drugs and sex partner/life. I don't think it should be secret. He doesn't think I can handle it. I have nothing to hide. But he has this ex that he has to keep hidden?

I keep asking him, why if she is so perfect why is he not with her? why won't he let me do the stuff she did to him? like she does hard sex with him (forces him almost like rapes him, but he doesn't let me do it with him)


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  • Have you stopped for a moment to consider maybe he's not proud of that phase of his life? Maybe he doesn't want to talk about it because he doesn't want to think about it? Maybe he wants to focus on you instead of his past?

    Continually bringing this up will eventually lead to the relationship failing.

    • Thanks for answering!

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