What are your reasons to not believe in GOD?

please answer the most truthfully


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  • I think that a lot of people choose not to believe in God because:

    1) He hasn't done something for them (i.e. a miracle, made them millionaires because they prayed, given them whatever they asked for etc)

    2) Something bad happened to them while they were young/ someone passed away and they are sad because they asked God to do something and it didn't happen

    3) They believe that its a bunch of tomfoolery and how could God create something out of nothing?

    BUT I have to argue...there is so much evidence that God exists. How can we be alive here breathing well without God? It is all his complex design that makes us function the way we are. Please tell me that some really smart guy out there figured out exactly all the functions we needed to breathe, live, work and stay alive.

    There are so many things that we as humans do on a regular basis that we could not figure out on our own. Our heart beats, we blink, we breathe in and out, we swallow, we digest food, we think, we have a lot going on. Imagine if a human were responsible for knowing and coming up with the exact timing of all the above. Our human minds cannot handle all of that information. Just think if you had to remember "breathe in, blink. look down, look up, breathe out, blink, breathe in, breathe out, blink, blink, swallow, blink. breathe in, foot forward, foot forward, oh crap I forgot to breathe out!"

    How complex is that? I am glad that I was not responsible for the creation of human race..because I would not remember everything...just saying this gives me reason to believe that God is alive and watching over us and even though people disagree..I don't !

    Sorry this is super long :)


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    • @zachq: No the human mind IS capable of functioning and controlling breathing. What I am saying is that it had to be programmed to function in that way. Think of it this way. A clock has the capabilities to run, tell time and alarm us when set. But the only way that will happen is if it is programmed that way. A clock could also have other capabilities...but since it is programmed to tell time etc, that is what it will do. Same with our minds, we are programmed to think, breathe etc..cuz of God.

    • amen sista! preach! :)

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  • Reading your responses to people who answered your question has given me one good answer.

    The reason people don't believe in God is because of people like you.

    Have you noticed you haven't clearly read numerous comments? Some of the people you've ridiculed were testifying about the troubles they've had in life and how hard it has been, and yet they still believe. However, you did not stop and listen. You simply glance shallowly at words and blindly struck out at a friend.

    You ask people to answer truthfully so that you can feel superior. You want to feel self-righteous. How does it feel to do the Devil's work for him?

    We are to be an example to others. God is love. 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' You claim to care, but I have not seen even a glimmer of love in any of your answers. Why should anyone want to follow God when his disciple is such a spiteful, mean, prideful person?

    You are supposed to be an example of the goodness of the Lord and you have spat upon the gifts he's given us.

    I pray you see the hate your pride has led you to.

    How dare you ask these people to open themselves up, only so you can hurt them.

    • im not here to be attacked, GOD loves you, and I'm not here to sugar cult, I'm not being mean, but if you don't like my answers that's fine, I'm just being striaght, people just want a different answer it doesn't work like that, I tell the truth, same with you, GOD doesn't want you in hell he loves you so believe in him ,and I understand people go through hard times, doesn't mean gods not there :) I don't know if you believe in jesus christ but he wants you in heaven with him so god bless you

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    • Your heart is in the right place, just realize that people have reasons for not believing. You can't just demand they change their mind. You have to be sympathetic to their situation. Why would anyone want to listen to someone who berates and insults them? Listen and give them advice first - That is our example. Once you've shown someone you love them no matter what they've done, they'll realize there's something special guiding you. That is how people find God.

    • thanx you I just wanna leave a word at least, so if anyone ever passes by to see this, they mit at least think it over, or completely change through the glory of god, I just hope they love themselves to realize there risking there life just cause there not sure

  • I'm agnostic. I think that it's possible that there is 'something' greater than us all out there, but I don't necessarily think it's God or whatnot. I don't believe in the Bible or the whole immaculate conception - but if people do, then hey, that's their beliefs and I have no reason to judge them.

    I personally believe in science and humanity. I don't believe in karma and I think that some times bad things just happen to good people for no reason. I believe in doing good deeds for the sole reason of being a good person and I would like to think that we're all allowed to have 'human' thoughts and emotions without being judged by some big guy in the sky.

    I believe in coincidences and that I have to ability to chose my own future. I hope there's not a grand plan for me, I prefer spontaneity.

    And above all I believe that if there were a God, my Nan - who believes in God with all her heart, who has dedicated her life to helping others, who has never harmed a hair on anyone's head - would not have had to suffer through the life she does. She was given to a children's home when she was 5 because her parents couldn't be bothered taking care of her. Three out of her four children were killed, she was left by her husband and abandoned by her friends. She has a dozen different illnesses, none of which she can afford to really fix. And yet she volunteers every single day at the Salvo's. She lives on barely anything so that she can afford to buy my family gifts. She takes in stray animals and gives them a home and food to eat. She gives her all to everything, and yet she receives pittance in return. I just can't see how this God that she believes in could just watch her give and give and give all her life, and continue to take everything from her.

    Also, just a side note - I think religion deters me from wanting to believe in God.

    However having said all this, this is just my personal beliefs. I would never force there on others. Everybody has the right to believe in who and what they want.

    • I agree with all of this :)

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    • hey you have to believe truly, and repent truly, and follow his ways, and that's it, he did the hard part alrdy, and even if you mess up a bit his blood covers all your sins, so rejoice,

      and no people send themselves to hell not god, I know it sounds crazy but that's how it goes, and that would be nice if I could just inhabit a new body that would be nice, I hope you find GOD one day, though I would like to see you in heaven god bless you:)

    • Well it's not going to happen, so please stop trying to preach to me. I respectfully gave you my opinion, so please stop forcing yours on me.

      Whilst you may think your way is the right way, it's not the ONLY way, so please respect me and stop telling me what I believe is wrong.

  • I was raised Catholic although I never ha my communion so I am technically not recognized by the Catholic church I guess.We stopped going to church when my parents divorced and it wasn't until a few years after that,when my cousin had her communion,that I began getting into religion.I learned the prayers(and still know them),learned the process of the communion,learned how to pray the rosary etc.Then it got to a point,where deep inside of me,I questioned Gods existence.I was never vocal about it,but,I can't explain why I questioned,but I just did,then it got to another point of where I could feel myself trying to force God on myself,trying to implant it in my head that he was real..but I thought "what will my family think if they know I'm doubting him?"(Keep in mind they are the stereotypical hypocritical religious individuals),then I was agnostic,now Atheist.

    I do believe religion is bad.Yes you have good and bad in every religion,but look at the unnecessary trouble it has caused.And the fact that religious individuals have the nerve to question the others belief shows how ridiculous religion is.

    I don't believe in God...because there is no evidence.I can respect all beliefs,I'm not here to argue or debate,because nothing anyone says is going to change my opinion or mind.I have yet to have conversed with this supposed God,seen him,heard him,if anything,religions portray God as a "person" rather than an energy,which then I could understand,but even then would not "believe"

    Now,should I die tomorrow and God appear before me to judge,will I continue to deny or play stupid?No,because at this moment I'm not denying something that is known 100% to be real,I'm saying I do not believe that he is real and there is always in my opinion,going to be a question mark when it comes to God.Now,If I were to die tomorrow and he appear before my eyes,I would admit my mistakes(unlike many religious individuals).

    Sorry it's long or whatever

    • It'll be to late

      unfortunately people want Good without some type of bad coming along

      you''ll go to hell that's why I talk to people I don't want them to go there

      if it doesn't exist k we die nothing happens

      if it does exist we burn forever I rather throw my stuff out the wind, then burn forever, I mean jesus died for a reason warning us about hell

      i mean look at the world there's bad and good and people do bad rather then do good

      but GODs standard of good not a persons standard its in the bible

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    • And it smells like you need to stop stalking me

    • Me the same as you.. doubt myself religion, forced it on myself blah blah blah, but I believed a litte longer and a hole new world opened up for me, and bam, I feel God in my life, its great. But catholic... Remember that the Roman Cathlic where false, they said you will be forgiven if you pay $, they were currupt, that why I don't like catholic, they learn prayers and things off by heart and think that will save them. it's really a forced religeon catholic, my advice is go to a baptist church.

  • I don't believe in God as preached by various religions. I believe there might be something out there that is more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine. The creators of religion are just human, and they know no more than I do. What makes their "version of god" more true than somebody else's?

    • evidence

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    • I agree with your answer completely! Man made religion.

      If there truly was a God, (and he was that intent on making us believe) I'm sure he would have to power to make us all believe in ONE religion. He would have the power to prove to us that he exists. But so far, that hasn't happened.

      There are hundreds of religions out there... all made by man.

    • you can spend your whole life trying to find that void try drugs, alcohol, etc and the only thing that's gonna fill that whole is the lord jesus chirst and he loves you

      u just have to listen, forgive those that don't deserve to be forgiven, love those that don't love you back for love is for everyone not just people that love you back

      naive love is the best type of love

      cause its true love :) and believing in god is not a relationship between you and a group of ppl, but you and god alone just as otherdo

  • hmmm . I'm sorry but people who tell you to believe in god or not to believe in god are telling you wrong . no one can tell you what to believe in . . personally I believe in god but I would never push someone into believing in him . I always doubt my faith There was a long time where I questioned god because I felt he never did anything for me . BUt your asking for reasons not to believe him which is negative . Even if he's not real why go through life alone without someone to talk to and tell everything . Of course I don't believe in everything the bible says and I've had my fair share of mistakes in life but after I've made those mistakes I know God may be the only person to forgive me . I don't believe everything happens for a reason but sometimes things happen for the better weither god planned it to happen or not . I don't want you to think I'm pushing god onto you because truthfully all my friends are like hardcore atheist so I am used to people telling me god is a waste of my time . Maybe try asking yourself why your searching for reasons not to believe? None of this is advice its just me giving you me an opinion . remember tht in the end NO ONES opinion counts but your!

    • Cuz honestly all these answer are either god is fake or BELIEVE IN GOD!!!! its a personal choice . you gotta figure out wht your best resons to not believe in him are

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    • like I posted on facebook the other day, we live in hell so don't say we are going to it just because of something we did

    • no people go to hell cause they don't believe,

      not cause you did wrong,

      of course youve done wrong things, but that's why jesus died for all our sins, heaven is a free gifts and THE LORD JESUS CHRIST wants you in heaven with him, nahh your blessed you just don't know it, you see problems not the blessing here let me take the blessings you have out of your life

      air, food,life, family, money,strength, sight, a computer even if its not urs, cloths, etc god bless you :)see your blessed

  • There is no reason to not believe in god, if there was no god then how did we come here and what's the point of life if we're not going to be punished for our sins and gifted for our good deeds

    believer l7mdullelah <3

  • I have no reason NOT to believe in God.

    Many who have something bad happen choose to blame God. I have lost someone that I loved in my life, and I don't understand why he had to be taken from this world at such a young age. However, God tells us that he will not put more on us than we can handle. My parents also divorced when I was five, but they weren't meant for each other. I have been in abusive relationships, but God didn't do it. He gave me the strength to get away. I have had plenty of bad things happen to me--some which I refuse not to speak of on here. However, I somehow kept moving forward in my life. I don't know how, but obviously God helped me through it.

    There are so many signs that he is real. Those who refuse to believe will suffer the consequences which the bible speaks of. It's quite obvious that something other than MAN lights up the world each day. And don't say the sun does because I am not an idiot. I know this very well. But where did the sun come from? I'm sure it didn't just pop up out of nowhere and sit there in the atmosphere.

    I believe that God doesn't exist just as much as I believe the human race developed from apes. Pretty funny if you ask me. God is real, it's just a matter of having faith and believing by the evidence before our eyes. :) It's not just a coincidence when prayer works. We don't always get what we want because God has our life planned out for things to happen on his time rather than ours.

    • The sun doesn't sit there in the atmosphere. The Sun sits far beyond the atmosphere though technically does have an atmosphere of its own.

    • Thanks for your imput.

  • I have many God's I'm an Odinist. However the God you refer to was created by these dudes that wrote a book called the Bible. These said men claimed to have heard the divine voice of god, Well nowadays that's known as schizophrenia and they heavily medicate you for it. I mean comon..a dude talking seen a talking burning bush in the desert, I think he ate peyote LOL!



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    • As the historian Stephen Henry Roberts (1901-71) once said: “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”

    • thats dumb this isn't about proving a point of who's right or not its about ppls lives

  • He is the one that designed all of us to perform these abilities. I am not saying that God sits there with a monitor to make sure every single one of us are breathing at the right moment, I am saying that he designed the heart to beat, digestive systems to work the way that it does. A car was designed to run in a specific way. If your car cannot start because someone built it wrong then that person should change professions. I agree with you when you say that knowing the specifics of something is not necessary in order to function. All of these things are designed/ were designed and we as humans have the mind power to adapt to situations. Your mind is way more powerful than you can think. There is NO possible way that a human (or the randomosity of a big bang theory) was able to create and form the brain to function the way that it does...I mean really you store things in your cerebellum, learned things such as tying shoes, driving a car, eating, brushing teeth, etc...cerebrum is responsible for taking those newly learned things ad putting them into practice. I sure am not that smart to figure it out on my own. Is there anyone that smart that can figure life out that simply? its so complex that my mind hurts trying to understand it all.

  • I actually do believe in the Supreme Being, who the religions call God. My position is "The more I believe in God, the more I despise religion!" Every person should follow their own conscience, their own inner light, and work out their own philosophy of life. They shouldn't be told what to believe by any group of men. Don't let anyone come between you and your God.

    • there is only good and bad there is no middle cause your saying everyone has there own god, so what makes you think there's more then one god

      one good-god

      one bad- devil

      you either chose god or your part of the devils family cause your born in sin so what makes you think you can have a 3rd option I don't wanna offend you, but I don't want you in hell so I tell you the truth following the lord jesus christ is hard but worth it you just don't want anything hard

  • I'm catholic and its wrong to say but I doubt there is a God because I mean think about it so many better things would happen in this f***ed up world if there was. If he works miracles what happened to mine and my friends. My friend wouldn't have ended up dieing in the hospital if there was a God. And honestly there is no proof of any of the things he supposedly did.

    • Paul one of Jesus appostles died in a prison.

      You say you are cathlic but you don't believe in God.

      Answer me this: Why must God lick your ass each time you get a scratch you brat?

      People say there is no God because of this. for example:

      Q: Why are there people that suffer from hunger? people pray that they get food, but they don't do they?

      A: There is enough food on this planet to feed everyone 3 times a day, but to get food to the people is the problem.

      Think. God wants you

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    • well I was younger I was pushed to believe in him because I went to a catholic school and I think when you sit there and pressure someone into something more they are just going to pull away from it and not want anything to do with it, if you know what I mean.?.? and yeah you are rite we make our own decisions but sometimes the pressure and stress from things make it hard to almost impossible to make the right decisions.

    • you'll find god one day, god loves you

      he's just waiting for you, trust me, ull want him around he's amazing

  • With my life (and the rest of the world) the way it is, how could I believe in God? There is so much wrong going on, why would you even want to believe that someone is in control of it all?

    • Dude... Take the caps lock off... Also, it's MY decision. I believe everything belongs to earth, that's where we get it from. And why would a father so severely punish his children with death, depression, and wrong doing? If we are responsible for all wrong, then why aren't we also responsible for all good? Oh and also, organization (in my opinion) came from something called science.

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    • plz your just being all emo and depressing

      life is great your just to blind to see it

    • Emo and depressing? Wow... Life is beautiful and great. I deffinitely realize that. But there are still some things that are going on that a simple prayer can't fix. Even people who do believe in god and are very devoted to him still have lots of crap going on in their lives. Religion doesn't fix things like that.

  • I believe there is a God, but I don't agree with religion. I feel more spiritual and blessed standing in a field looking at a beautiful sunset and can see God there than I ever have in any church. But personally I think a good reason to not believe in the God we're taught about is how come there is so much suffering? I know there's free will and everything, but what kind of all powerful God who 'loves us' would allow things like child abuse and genocide to go on? I just cannot agree with that, I have to say I'm a pretty peaceful person, I completely disagree with war and cannot understand why anyone would deliberately hurt another person, unfortunately that doesn't happen and I could kill someone who abuses a child or the elderly, there is no excuse and I can't see why I would go to hell for not repenting that, because I believe they deserve it, and all they have to do is say sorry and they can go to heaven, sorry I don't buy it. I think everyone is entitled to believe what ever they want and do it whatever way they want, I just can't stand it when people shove their beliefs down others' throats, if they ask you can share your opinion (like now) but not before you're asked

  • There is no reason I don't believe in God. I am a full believer of God and I'm thankful I opened my eyes :)

  • There's no evidence that God exists, or any higher being for that matter.

    • Yes there is

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    • I wish I could say there is a god but I need to see him to believe - killing six soldiers after me praying for them is f***ing love? God is love? Then I must be Lucifer. There is no evidence, just claims.

    • SilentG,

      You're a rude and ignorant, bastard. Please ask your doctor to remove the twat you have for a mouth, it's quite aggravating and futile.


  • I believe because it is a drive for me. You gotta believe in something. We didn't come from nowhere. My faith for me governs how I behave. Works quite nicely.

    • God bless you much luv

    • You can also believe in the fact that time passes by, you're alive and you should be nice when you can. And all that seems more tangible.

    • nahh cause then people still go to hell that's what I don't want I don't know if you want that but I sure dont

  • Read a science book.. And honestly in the bible does it not say don't take the lords name in vein? That's all you have done. You say to answer truthfully and a lot of people did and you got mad, that's so dumb. Look people like you make me laugh cuzz you have no idea what life really is. Here is the rule that I live by which has been around way way way b4 your god and Jesus,

    an it harm none do what thy wilt.

    meaning do what ever you want as long as you don't hurt someone. And that's all you have done. If you live by the bible, and I'm thinking you do, you have broken so many "rules" your god has giving you so you have sent yourself to "hell". Humans are afraid of the unknown, you are afraid and are trying to cling to something that will ease your mind so you can sleep at night, I'm not attacking you but I'm just telling it like it is, I don't care what you believe but I do care when you preach like you yourself are god and know all the answers. You are not god, you are but a tiny speck of this world. Don't ask the question if you are afraid of the answers that will come.

  • I have no reason to believe in a god. Whether or not one does exist. Most of what we experience is easily explained by modern science. I respect other peoples beliefs, though I myself am not religious. The closest I've come to any sort of religion is almost Buddhism: it makes sense. We cause our suffering by want and it could be eliminated by not wanting anything. I also like the idea of reimcarnarnation. As a friend of mine said, "someone asked me why I do all this stupid stuff [drugs, smoking drinking, etc.] and I told them that if I get it over with now, then when I come back around again, I'll be someone better.". I love that idea of getting a clean slate.

    Overall anything we do is insignificant. Why would some higher being bother with our silly little lives and prayers when there is an entire universe out there?

    • he' luvs you so much he would give up the universe just for you that's the lord my GOD jesus christ

      GOD WILL CLEAN YOUR SLATE JUST REPENT :) and its dumb to not want anything, sounds like me when I was 15 lolzzz, hey if you where to reincarnate what would you want to become?

    • Why don't you believe in Zeus, Jupiter or Quetzalcoatl?

    • tell me about them please ? what they do, what they offer, what happens after you die etc plz

  • i don't believe in anything that willfully allows for terrible suffering and unfairness...so if there is something otherwordly that is responsible for life as we know it...he can f*** himself.

    • ha, why is there suffering in the world is your question, if there was no idea of odly perfection in your mind you would not know that thus you prove your need for a God

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    • well hit me up when those million dollars gives me life after I die, even if I have a million dollars its not my money anyway, all I do is administrate it then die and someone else has it, but I'm not gonna believe in hank just for a million dollars

    • "lolz this isn't about trying to prove a point... I don't want you in hell" - you say it's not about proving a point, then you try to prove your point. THAT is LOLZ. And a counter-point to your point is if there is no God but I believe in him anyway then I spend my whole life LIVING A LIE and SPREADING A LIE rather than seeking out truth because I am afraid of possibly going to hell. Doesn't truth matter to you? I care about you and just don't want to see you living in ignorance.

  • I believe in God a hundred percent.Too many things have happened in my life,people coming and going...but God is always consistent.Always there. It's pretty awesome if you ask me...:)

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  • I'll "answer" your question with a series of questions.

    What are your reasons to believe in God, apart from that your parents told you to go to the church and it seemed like a good idea to keep the beliefs you heard as a child?

    Don't you think the belief in science itself is a religion?

    And even if you believe in the existence of a creator God, do you without exceptions obey the moral codes all times? Do you have unconditional love and your positive side for anyone around you? Is it always your primary concern to help others? Do you ever have any destructive thoughts? Your belief is nothing if you are not completely genuine.

    I believe that there could have been a God who created the "system", created a world governed by laws (of physics for example) to allow existence to be. Of course, such a thing could either be the world itself, or outside the world - but the fact is - the world couldn't have just come out of nowhere with these rules and laws given.

    For the belief in the Christian God, I'd say that the Bible is a nice moral code and a great tool for controlling people. Apparently if everyone followed the morals the real Bible says (Jesus's teachings), the world would be a perfect place. I mean, who wouldn't love to just live in love instead of fear and mistrust, as any human could stab you in the back in the knife? If we all followed the moral codes, we would have no need for uncertainties - we could be open.

    The Catholic Church itself disgusts me. It's just a way to get people to pay money and all that. There is no need for a Pope. He's just there to get money. If anyone wanted to choose to believe in the Christian God and act according to his ways given, he can do it on his own, with no need for a church - as the Bible is the guidance and key to God itself.

    I don't believe in praying, I don't believe that God would help us (the one who truly helps us then is our self-confidence and belief), but I do believe that TRUE Christianity would have been a way to guide the world in solace and mutual understanding.

    • Lolz I wish that's how it happened and I believed my parents but it doesn't work like that,

      well when you died if your right nothing happens if I'm right you go to hell well will find out when we died lolz

  • What's the evidence in it's existance? Bible, commandments , Jesus? That's not really evidence. Any man can write a book, write some commandments and draw someone's picture. Heck, we have billions elf or orc pictures around the internet, but hey, they don't exist! However, I'm sure there are some people who claim that they have seen them. Just like those people who said they've seen a god. Hey, gimme $10,000 or fill me up with some experimental drugs and I'll say I've seen an unicorn (oh, in fact I've seen one when we were smoking some crap few years ago). I'll even write a book about it.

    Jesus? Heck, 2010 years ago people were much more stupid. Take a lighter and show them that you can "create fire". Boom! Now you're god of fire!

    So basically any kind of psychic with some "paranormal abilities" could easily take a role as whoever he wanted to be. As we all know there are people who can move items with their glance, hypnotize and so on. Heck, put David Blaine back in those days, they'll think he's a magician and will pray to him. Nowadays it's simply impressive. I guess 2010 years ago it would look as something unseen.

    Also, watch:


    This man's logic beats anything. And I agree with him.

    • Ive had one real exp with GOD it was amazing

      and he's blessed me in ever way

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    • The whole unicorn thing isn't as clever as you think. Read the words of Jesus, and then tell me those are the words of a unicorn.

    • Difficult to contradict george Carlin, :D link

  • - No proof

    - No proof

    - No proof

    - No proof

    Why don't you believe in Zeus, Hades, Allah, Odin, or Loki?


    Why don't you believe in any of them?

    • Because they haven't done nothing for me

    • Are you stupid? or just trying to insult people? why did you put the name of God within the names of stones and pricks that I hope they'd fall on your head someday?

    • Im not trying to insult I've asked god for stuff and he's done everything I've asked for

  • I do believe in God - Jehovah more specifically, not the divine trinity of Jehova/Jesus/Holy Spirit (word), although I believe in them too - but I don't believe in them in the way that christians do, and I'll explain that.

    I believe in God (as a trinity) because I used to be a christian. And though I am not now, I won't try to deny the spiritual connection I felt with a 'higher power'. It was definitely real, although I didn't feel it as strongly as everyone else. I put that down to the whole 'accepting christ' thing, and therein lackof.

    But it was through intense learning of ancient religions that I selected my current believes. I classify myself as Norse Pagan, and I follow the Nordic doctrine religiously (get it?), and I feel more closely connected to it than any other. Next to that I follow Inca paganism, Zoroastrianism (both following of Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu), Setianism, Satanism, and druidism. But I also to some degree follow and study the Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Germanic, Egyptian, Roman, and Greek, and less so, Aztek faith, Neo-druidism, Asatru/Odinism, and Wicca.

    The reason is largely the overlap in these religions (most notabely Norse, Sweedish, Finnish, Danish and Germanic, and Roman and Greek, and Inca and Aztek, Egyptian, Wicca, Satanism and Setianism, so on), and how the older (or more contemporary) religions make more sense, aswell in correlation to science.

    Zoroastrianism also introduced monogamous pantheons, which Jewish and Hebrew faiths adopted later. Which is another factor lessining my belief in the complete god.

    Other than that... Uh, I dunno. He sounds like too much of a wanker to function, LOOOLLLLLL.

    • Wow you looked up your stuff lolz but how can you not believe in Jesus which is weird cause he did exist there's pictures and books and so much more, but that's besides the point what do your believes offer u?

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    • Its not exactly like earth, but it lays no claim to be 'eternity of perfection' or 'eternity of agony'. Anyway, I didn't choose my religion based on its afterlife. I don't think that's any basis for a religion.

      My gods helped shape the creation of earth, but essentially, the universe created most of it, and they themselves.

    • Lolz basically everything is created by something the only thing that's there and been there is GOD

      name one thing that isn't created by something else cause nothing was just there

  • I believe in Him, and I've seen people who believe in God trying to convince those who don't, well idc, people should stick to their beliefs, and not try to influence others beliefs.


    • I believe hell exist so ima tell people cause even if there completely idiots I don't want them to go

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    • Heaven or hell, we don't know how it is, we don't even know if it exists, we go to heaven or hell after we die, I least care abt where I'd go to after my death, and I rather worry about my present and live it.

    • Put down everything you think is right open that bible and try the bibles laws and blessings

      you'll nvr know if the bible is correct if you nvr tired

  • I believe in higher powers but not a god per-se

    Reason being there are too many religions and they all can't be right - id think none of them are. Also, humans and our world are more a result of cosmic activity than that of a god. I believe 100% we are not the only civilization in the universe and all of these civilizations are products of billions of years of cosmic processes

    • Yea I know its confusing at times and, I hate the word religion it has nothing to do with god and trust me a billion years hasn't passed people talk not even a million years has passed lolz ? do you think there's a good and a bad or evil and good?

  • for me its not so much not believing or believing... its more of a if he exists what has he done that I should worship him? to me personally, unless someone or something has directly influenced my life, they may as well not exist. such as my grandfather that decided he was going to try and get to know me after 20 years of me not even knowing his name... he can bite me.

    that's just my take on it... I'm at atheist.. that does not mean I hate religion, etc.. it means I choose not to have one because I don't see the draw, I live life by my guidelines and my rules. provided you don't try to push religion on me we're cool, and I'll even go out of my way so you can have your ceremonies (I took part in my god daughter's baptism, and was the only person present to not be sanctified or w/e the cracker and wine thing is.)

    take it or leave it, that's how I feel and think. and yes, I've read the bible, the qur'an (an abridged version), the book of shadows, and made studies of Greek and Norse mythologies (personally think Norse is by FAR the best read, love Loki and Fenrir)

    • Ohh, before anyone says something, I wrote my senior thesis on religions and how they similarities crossing between almost all of them. (for instance Lillith is mentioned in both the bible, Greek mythology, and Norse.)

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    • I've gone to churches from when I was young until about the age of 12, I just kinda felt myself going through the motions of it.its great that some people can derive some form of relief from faith, but I'm not 1 of those individuals (and read my last paragraph, I have read the bible countless times)

    • Its not a way to get rid of the feelings and problems, there emotions are from jesus dying for us cause they believe jesus died so they wouldn't go to hell so they prasie him and worship him and thanks him for it I mean you won't know if god exist until you died and ? do you lose more from tursting in or not trusting in god

  • There is no proof of God's existence. People may say "oh, but look at this hummingbird or that sunset or my grandma's cancer was cured!" but in reality those things can be explained by a variety of other reasons, such as scientific reasons or reasons from other religions. There is no way to know that God is not just an imaginary friend and there are more reasons to believe that He is in fact, imaginary:

    1. People who believe in God generally believe that God believes whatever they believe. If they hate gay people, then God hates gay people. If they love George Bush, then God loves George Bush. This is consistent with the dynamics of a child's imaginary friend.

    2. Why do children have imaginary friends? They provide comfort in times of stress, companionship when no other companionship is available, and someone to blame when something goes wrong (cookies are missing from the cookie jar!) <- though this last example would perhaps be more appropriate for the Evil imaginary friend, Satan.

    God's place in an adult's life fills many of these needs. Having come from a Christian background, I know the comfort of having an all-powerful, all-knowing Father who looks out for you and has a Plan. Pretty nice, huh? And yet there is no evidence that Christians have lower rates of disease, death or other unfortunate accidents. When you buy health insurance, car insurance or life insurance, do they ask you if you are Christian? No, they do not, but it is not because it is illegal to do so(discrimination). They ask if you are male or female because females live longer than males, they ask if you are black because African Americans are more prone to heart disease, they ask if you are married because married people live longer. Single black men are going to pay more for insurance, not because the insurance company hates men, blacks and single people, it's just that they are more of a liability, more at risk.

    If Christians lived longer, insurance companies would ask if you were Christian. If God existed and was really watching out for people and answering prayers, there would be a higher rate of survival among Christians.

    3. Why else do people create God? To explain the mysteries that mankind has wondered about for ages. Why are we here? What happens when we die? How did everything come to be? Creating a God answers these questions. This is not a new concept. Native Americans had Manitou, Wantantanka, &c. Vikings had Odin, Loki, Thor, &c. Greeks and Romans had equivalents, Zeus, Jupiter and the others.

    Funny how many people can plainly see that these Gods are not real, and they even served the same purposes as GOD (providing answers to the unanswered questions), yet cannot see that GOD is not real.

    The question that SHOULD be asked is what are the underlying reasons that people WANTGod to be real?

    I think that people believe in God because that is the story they PREFER, it is more pleasant, not because they are looking at the facts.

  • If god cares for everyone, has the unconditional love the bible says he does, how could he let the world be in the state it is now? If he doesn't care, doesn't have unconditional love, than why should we care at all? Why worship him if he doesn't notice?

    Also, from a scientific perspective, from the start of the universe onwards, there is a logical reason for almost everything to have happened the way it has, where are the miracles that the bible says should have happened? How can you believe what the bible says when there is a lot of evidence saying that the world has been around for millions of years, and was created naturally over a very long period of time, where the bible says that it was created 6000 years ago in a week? And if you can't believe what the bible says, why should you believe in God?

    Personally, I completely disbelieve most of the Bible, but Believe in God as a higher power, the nature of which it is beyond anyone to understand.

    I'd almost say the better question is why do you believe in God? What has convinced you He exists.

    • First read the bible, if the whole world doesn't decide to believe in GOD and jesus christ this world is gone and only those who believe well go to heaven, read the end of the book that's what it says, basically everything that happenin is GOD telling everyone to turn towards him, cause even if everything went perfectly you would still died, and I worship because he died for me so I don't go to hell simple as that,

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    • because in the bible my GOD LORD JESUS CHRIST he's the only one who created everything while other GODS I HEAR ABOUT talk bout how stuff was just there and then they did something with it and plus the bible makes since cause I see it come to life everyday

    • Jesus Christ, you are still at it? It's been months, give it a rest already. If you want to start this up again, fine.

      1. Explain to me why the Bible should be considered infallible.

      Actually, don't bother explaining anything else, since all your arguments are "because the Bible says so" anyways. Give me a reason to believe that the Bible is anything but stories made up hundreds of years ago, or accept that you are basing your faith off of a work of fiction.

  • Religion is the cause of uncountable atrocities against mankind. Even in the past few decades, widespread child molestation was covered up by THE F***ING POPE. Add to that the fact that the Bible and the zealous are set up to argue for their religion with massive logical loopholes of infallibility, and the fact that the bible, which is supposedly the word of god, has been rewritten and edited dozens of times by dozens of groups of old men, and I believe that religion, while not in inherently evil thing, has only been used for the detriment of humankind.

    Then again, it's not so much that I believe in god or gods, I just think religion is a massive waste of time and a gateway to slavery.

    • I hate the word religion it has nothing to do with god

      and the bible says for everyone to love one another but people dnt do it that's one of the reasons for atrocities and I'm not talking bout your kind of love

      cause your love is limited I'm talking about even when a person does something bad to you

      that you still love that person wether family friend stranger bum can you do that

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    • Yeah see I heard that and ill still believe the word of the bible cause there's one thing people don't really do they don't believe like when a doctor tells you, you have cancer what do most people usually say that they have to take medicine and stuff like that rather then have hope that god can heal them I mean people know its incurable so wa do you have to lose with trusting in god to cure you

    • I truly hope you've just been trolling me.

  • First of all.. why is this under Sexuality?

    Second.. There is a reason they call it Faith..

    Quit being a Troll.

  • What pisses me off about dumb bigots like you is that they ask for logical answer yet reply completely illogically, and bend the logic to 'the misterious ways of god' whenever you can't answer with logic anymore. From the few comments I've seen, what you are trying to do is this: you are sh*t scared that god may not exist and so u're looking for comfort.

    I doubt very much the existence of god because of all the f***ing pain around. Why all this pain? Typical answer would be, god has his own misterious way. I.e. it's a mistery as to why all this pain, but God knows and surely has a reason for it. So it is a mistery known to god only the reason of all this pain. So when you talk about e.g. LOVE (but, for the sake of the argument, the whatever YOU think is good in life), you take that as evidence that god exist, when you talk about pain, war, killings, rapes, injustice etc,u do not use the same logic anymore &,instead of taking it as possibly evidence against the existence of god, you CHANGE logic and say that god has its misterious ways that we poor humans do not understand. So in essence the 'logic' is:

    Good things= evidence that god exists

    Bad&incomprehensible things=the misterious ways of god

    So if you talk about looking for evidence and using LOGIC to see whether god exists or not, you f***ing need to be consistent. It's not that you want to use the scientific method to proof to the academics that God exists, but then decide that you use that method only when the evidence is in your favour, yet discard it as human inhability to understand superior things when the evidence is against your theory. I tell you what, if you want to apply the scientific method, in my books the answer is... we f***ing can't tell whether god exists or not because we are not clever enough to understand that.

    So don't f***ing abuse logic, if you want to believe in god that's your choice, go along with it, but it's your BELIEF, is not a logical evidence. So don't come around telling me that you want to use logic to prove your BELIEFS. COz you only p*ss me off if you come around telling me that you want to have a logical discussion, yet do not apply the rules of logic and be in fact f***ing illogical and irrational about it, see what I mean? You are coming around telling me the ground rules you want to use, yet you are the very first one to break those rules, don't you think that shouldn't p*ss me off you idiot? If you want to believe in god because that is your choice, good luck with it, but don't come around and be a pain in the ass pretending I should make your own choice AND manipulate me into it with subtle, not-so-much evident logical faults which favour your case.

    Using your logic, I can prove that Devil exists instead of God:

    Bad things= evidence that the Devil exists

    Good&incomprehensible things=the misterious, evil ways of the Devil

    • Continued

      How about there's only a big superpower, which is the Devil, wouldn't be perfectly evilish to be a devil yet convince everibody that your a Good being, so that they keep following you, even though in reality is bad for them, but it suits your need to control them and keep inflicting any f***ing pain on them whenever you want? that's very sadistic and it's even better that just inflicting pain.Instead giving the candy every once in a while gets the idiot even hooked to you

  • Because I find "God" to be a form of hope. People need something to believe in, something to look for and live for. Personally, I find that in my own life without a creationalist point of view, and I find hope by my own means. If believing in God makes you happy and secure about your life, gives you a reason to life forward, and trust in your decisions, then by all means, believe away.

    What works for some doesn't work for others. :]

    • nahh we believe because we love ourselves I hope you do to, we believe there is a hell and he died so we wouldn't have to go there, so we praise him, not for hope but because he loved us that much to give his son I hope you die with the lord, cause if you dont, these are your 2 outcomes, he doesn't exist, or you go to hell and he does exist, so let me ask you again do you love yourself enough

      to risk your life just cause your not sure :) the lord loves you and wants you close

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    • Have fun in your heaven.

      Do you even know what it takes to get there?

      Try reading the bible. God's own prophets weren't good enough.

    • you need to be born again if you understand that term

      you need to repent of your all your sins

      accept jesus christ as your lord and savior

      then follow jesus as your example in life

      and speak the word of god

  • I'd like to believe but I'm not able to. Too much evidence to the contrary - and then there's the question of which God to believe in & which scripture to follow.

    • What evidence? please explain so we can have one of those long conversations lolz

    • Like "all those dinosaur bones Jesus made to test our faith" is one I've heard from a church-going friend of mine. The way I view it is this - there is no afterlife, no nothing, the time you have is it. So if believing in a God makes someone happier then so be it. They can try to convert me too if they like, but it's not gonna happen.

    • Lolz defensive well I don't want you to go to hell whether it exist or not your taking a risk cause you don't know where your going when you died if your right nothing happens if I'm right you go to hell well

      will find out when we died lolz

  • I'm not going to address the bible or any specific gods, but simply the idea of a god to begin with.

    First and foremost reason to not believe god is the lack of reasons to believe in god. Now granted lack of evidence does not automatically disprove something but I think that a belief in a supernatural being that is responsible for as much as he/she is claimed to be would require something pretty substantial to support it.

    Secondly: most people describe god as being all loving, all knowing and all powerful. If this were true then why do bad things happen? Aside from free will which is its own essay topic, terrible devastating things still happen without someone's free will coming into play. An all knowing all powerful god could stop it, but doesn't care enough to. An all loving all knowing god would stop it but is powerless to. An all loving all powerful god would stop it but doesn't know it's happening.

    Thirdly (this one is kinda hard to explain) if god did exist was he/she created with all of time, matter, and space in the big bang, or is he/she eternal having been here forever before us, and lasting forever after us? If the first is true and god was created, how did that creation process work. I have enough difficulty understanding the big bang being the creation of time. If the latter is true, what was god doing before creating the universe? Is it like Sim City where God creates a new one every now then experimenting with different conditions, or did creating this universe take an infinite amount of planning?

    I admit that the last reason is a little weak but let me explain. I was examining a consequence of god existing. These kinds of questions are hard to imagine possible answers for. Now that also does not disprove the existence of god. But this is where Occam's razor is applied. It is much simpler a scenario with no god, than either of those possibilities.

    Lastly the concept of infinitely powerful creates a paradox when asked the question: Is god capable of creating a stone so large that even god cannot lift it? Both answers create a contradiction.

    I quickly want to address the arguments made to the effect of "you can't explain this therefore god must have done it." This is a god of the gaps line of thinking. Anything that we haven't yet explained must be because of god. This was used to explain thunder and lightning, earthquakes, tides, and highly advanced adaptations present in animals and nature. Now we have accepted models explaining these phenomenon. While there are some that still haven't yet been explained, that doesn't mean something mystical or supernatural causes it.

    I'll just finish off with my greatly controversial comment about faith. Faith is believing in something no matter what you are told/shown to the contrary. It basically means do not think about whether or not this is true, just believe that it is. Faith as a virtue means making a virtue out of not thinking. This goes against my philosophy.

  • I don't believe in god. Why should I? If god was so infinitely powerfull this world would be perfect. If you do, don't worry. God has been used as an excuse for everything we can't explain so far. I actualy figured out WHY there isn't a god. Here is why:

    Before the beginning of the universe, nothing existed. There where no laws of physics; Some scientist believe that sometimes random things can happen for no reason at all due to quantum fluxuations. So since there are no laws of physics, anything can happen. Then the big bang happened (which is scientificly proven to of happened). The initial explosion must have made the universe infinite. Tell me, how can a supernatural being such as god create this when nothing exists including himself? Where is he? Where can he fit in? Unless he is in some other universe completely and pulling all the strings. There is no god. People just believe that there is a guy floating up there with infinite power, because they cannot explain what is going on in this universe. That is all that god is. Also, if god REALY existed, why would he make a massive explosion at the beggining, then let the earth and everything form by itself over billions of years? Why wouldn't he just use his amazing powers and create it in one go? I don't see a god in there.

    We are just a consmic co-incedent. A few chemicals (which our dna is made of) just so happened to come together, eventualy form the first cell, on a planet which has perfect temperatures and conditions that can support life. Those cells then eventualy went into different types of conditions then evolved to suit its environment. Then we eventualy evolved from apes into the superior being we are today.

    I am not sure if I believe in god or not though, I am in the middle at the moment.

  • well what's the alternative?ill tell you an existence without hope if you believe god does not exist and your life is crap who would you turn to in your time of need when you know no1 can help you except a miracle or somthing the answer is god.which is y people believe in god it gives us a hope, hope that our lives can change and that their is somthing in the afterlife perventing our fear of death and acepting it.

    • But it is what it is,just hoping.

    • nahh I just believe cause he loves me and I love him and I realized he was trying to protect me from hell so I worship him and love him for that

  • i don't believe in god because well first proof there's no god think of how tornadoes lightning and storms form now think of how the universe formed the same way by itself now think of how life formed first off DNA what's it really called Deoxyribonucleic acid its a chemical where do chemicals come from "star stuff" rocks etc from stars exploding and the debris left over because stars create chemicals from fusing other chemicals and back again so getting to the bible its not proof there's a god its just a fictional story book but I like the stories and the movies made from them and also the reason its fiction is there's too many miracles directly from god in it and real lifes not like that at all and the bible backs up its lie by saying reasons why things are but are made up by people to explain things the best they can so if you watch a movie about talking dogs and cats etc will you believe that cats and dogs can talk in human language if so your stupid also I believe the universe was always there it just keeps forming over and over again called the big bag and big squeeze in a what I call and a few others called the grand design ... do you want to know who the real gods are they are the world leaders and governments and they control everything ... also spell the word god backwards it spells dog I think communication back in the egyption days didn't always get transfered right also the great pyramids that where built is thought to bring the great pheroes to heaven to become gods cause I guess the kings thought they where gods its just something someone made up ... I wish I had more but I won't have enough room on here and not enough common sense backups to explain things

    • Hey if your right then nothing happens I die believing in god living my life

      ok that's fine

      but if I'm right I go to heaven and you go to hell

      will find out when we die

      cause no matter what we say the out come well show at the end

    • For all you know non believers go to heaven and believers go to hell.

    • ur born in sin that's a truth you can't avoid, you just want an easy way out, no other way but to the lord jesus christ he loves you go to him god bless

  • "Please answer the most truthfully" why bother? From the looks of it you're one of those idiots who always fall back on the Christian equivalent of a stone wall, the bible.

    But hey, I'm always up for a bit of religion debate. No I don't think there's a God. "Why?" You ask because there is no proof that does not result from the hands of man.

    • There's more proof that he does exist then proof that he doesn't exist

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    • and if I die and GOD doesn't exist, I'm OK with it cause nothing well happen I lived my life enjoyed it had fun, did good for people

      u keep thinking of your life being wasted and time you spent

      but I'm thinking about your life not the time I've spent here or how I didn't do this or that

      this isn't about whether its true or not, its about your life, cause I'm thinking about my life and everyone else's cause if hell does exist I don't want anyone going there and my GOD nothing

      but love god bless u:)

    • sigh, if there's anything worse than arguing with a mindbent religious fanatic, its arguing with one that posesses bad english.

  • God is for people who are weak minded and can't think for themselves.

    • Lolz that's the problem we only think for ourselves

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    • Completely agree with biggus on this one

    • Agreed. Of course you can't prove that he is not there. I can tell you there is an invisible elephant the size of Texas on the moon. How do you prove it's NOT there? You can't because its invisible.

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