One week no contact....I want to contact my ex-girlfriend but should I?

Me and my girlfriend broke up two weeks ago. We have been in no-contact for one week. We still love each other but she broke up with me because I'm going through a very stressful period in my lifetime because I'm moving to LA in a month with no job, no apartment, no car. She couldn't handle my depression. She said once I sort things out and things go fine, I can contact her again and maybe we can go out. I've been holding back no contact for a week and it's been extremely painful. I tried to sort out my issues for my move to LA but she has always been on my mind. Yesterday she broke no contact with me by texting me to tell me that her sister canceled her engagement. I don't know why she told me that because it's really none of my business but I don't know if she texted me because she misses me.

Do you guys think I should contact her next time I see her online? I really really want to talk to her but I don't want to be friends with her. I want to be her boyfriend again.

Anybody else have any feedback?


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  • Wait you want to be with someone who broke up with you because your depressed? are you reading what you just wrote bro? Listen I'm no girl but I'm pretty sure if you ex chick really cared for you she sure as hell wouldn't break up with you beacuse your depressed, come on guy.

    Drop her dude, if someone broke up with me beacuse I was going through a tough time, then I would say f*** off, good thing its not cancer beacuse I bet you would never hear from her.

    Your moving to LA with no job, apartment, or car...sounds like you have no plan, which is prob why she left you dude.

    • Even though I admit it might seem a bit cold for her to leave me when I was depressed but it wasn't the first time I was depressed and this time I was deeply depressed. And let's face it, must people would leave this boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife if they were depressed all the time. We see that in movies all the time.

      So even though I needed her the most when I was depressed, I can't blame her entirely for leaving me. But now that I am better (I still haven't recovered fully) I want her back...

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  • She left you because she was inconvenienced. You do not need a woman like that especially now you going through your dark times. true colors show. It's hard to let go especially if you still love her but she is only texting you to get a reaction or attention from you to stroke her ego. Do not give in. If she loves you, she would've stayed with you and helped you get through your depression. I am sorry.

  • She's doing whats convenient for her and not what she should do. a real gf would help look for a job , help move, tape boxes, be an actual woman and help. thats what commitment is,


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