My ex wants to meet - HELP!

Long story short. I dated my ex for 4 years. She went overseas to study for a year. About 2 months into the trip she broke up with me claiming she needed time to be alone and find herself. BS. She had met a new guy, started dating him right away. Lied to me, treated me like dirt...blah blah. I crumbled at first, begged and pleaded. She just got meaner and harsher. Eventually I pulled myself together and implemented strict no contact. She has consistently emailed me, but I stopped replying about 4 months ago. Now, after almost a year, she is coming home for a short holiday. She is still with the guy she cheated on me with. She wants to "meet up". Now usually I'd tell her to 'f' off. The only thing is the last time I saw her, she was my girlfriend. And I almost feel I need to see her in the flesh to put this whole things behind me. But I'm not fully over her yet..What should I do? And girls, why is she even bothering to get in contact with me?
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Have decided to just ignore her. If and when the time comes I feel I can sit with her in a room and she has no sway over me, I'll meet her. Thanks for all the advise.
My ex wants to meet - HELP!
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