Comparing me to his ex?

My boyfriends ex girlfriend had an amazing body and I'm much bigger than her. When we have sex do you think he would compare us and wish I had a body like she did?

I'm really conscious about it x x Men what do you think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • NO! he won't compare..

    • I really hope not!!!! I quite insecure about the whole thing....she honestly was like supermodel material...and then its little old me :(

    • Whilst you probably compare, us guys don't.. And if you talk to most guys, "supermodel" types are not that attractive as the other girls make out to be.

      When I'm with someone, I more focused on how I'm pleasing her than thinking about anyone else.

    • Yeh I know your right...maybe I need a confidence boost. He said that's all she wants is money and is pretty much like a WAG, where I'm totally different.

      He chased me in the beginning so I can't be that bad!!!

What Girls Said 1

  • probably not. if he wasn't into you, he wouldn't be with you. THis is all in your head


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