Is he worth it or is he not?

So on Friday I get this call from a guy named Dan.. I've known him for 2 years and never met him. Well he has a friend named Eric who I hit it off perfect with... we talked from 11:00pm-6am. The only thing is I can't tell when people are drunk in person let alone on the phone. I knew he was drinking but the way that he talked to me didn't seem like he was drunk. He could hold a conversation with me and wasn't slurring his words. I talked to him for 15 min. on Saturday and texted him once on Sunday and tried calling him. We had so much in common.. he hasn't made the effort to call or text me back. I'm wondering if the saying "the drunker you get the prettier they are" is true.. I creeped his profile on facebook and his ex girlfriend was a f****** model. He talked about going on a date not this weekend but next weekend so I'm not sure if the beer was talking a little too much or if he realized who he was talking to... haven't talked to him since Saturday morning. Is he worth it?


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  • Just be patient, do what you normally do. He sounds keen so just wait until he gets back to you. If you start contacting him you'll just sound needy.

    Meanwhile, be open to other people you meet and have fun. If he doesn't call it's his loss in the end.


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't worry so much bout someone you never really met..


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