If the last person you broke up with sent you a letter telling you that they still cared for you and wished you happiness. What would you do?

Several months ago it while grieving the end of my last relationship I read something suggesting that one hand write a heartfelt letter to your ex, if you still cared for them and wanted them back. I realized, in my case, that I didn’t see that working. Now after many months, I’m curious who feels they would have been receptive to their ex, if they sent such a letter. What day you?
  • Recycle it, I’m pro environment
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  • Appreciate the kind thought and move on, I’m over them
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  • I don't know, they would never do that so I’m not going to think about it
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  • I would be touched
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  • I don’t have an ex but want to respond :(
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  • Just show me the answers
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  • I will recycle it


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