Which is the best external hard drive to back up my comp files?

when you want to back up your system on it can anyone tell which is the best to get 250, 350 gb or a 1 tb thanks


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  • Hi, depending on your preferences, you can either go for a portable (2.5") hard drive, which has a reasonable price tag for sizes upto 500GB. If you decide to go for a larger (physical size = 3.5") drive, then its worth looking into one even larger than 1TB. Prices of hard drives are falling all the time. Once you have decided on your chosen size (2.5" or 3.5") my advice would be to use a site like TigerDirect to compare different brands, that way you can also look at current prices. Hope this helps ;)

    • Thanks you it really does help

What Girls Said 1

  • Always for for the largest hard drive. usually it's not that much more expensive, and you can almost always use more space.


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