What to do when you dump your ex, fall in love, and then you want your ex back?

Me and my ex boyfriend met one year ago and in May he decide to ask me to be his girlfriend. At the time a new boy came into my life and we were friends first. Our chemistry is unbelievable everybody knows we liked each other( I think my ex knew too and that's why asked after a year) but my ex boyfriend jumped up first and asked the question I was so confused because they both have good qualities and they are so different . Well my ex boyfriend moved and things began to be strange we don't have a lot in common and our conversations on the phone were like 10 to 15 Min's long me and my ex were together for 4 months now the new boy is my everything and we both liked each other but were scared to tell each other at first. We thought it was like a best friend, sister/brother thing but we both started to get jealous of each others boyfriend/girlfriend so when my ex moved and his girlfriend moved we decided to tell each other how we felt so I decide to tell my boyfriend that the long distance wasn't working now my ex did ask me not to talk to anybody he knew but I couldn't denied my feels for the other dude so of course I told him yes because I didn't want our friendship to be over even though the only good conversations we had were when we were talking about sex (go figure). But I recently told my ex who I was dating and it turns out they were friends now the other dude told me they weren't cool but anyway now my ex doesn't want to be friends or talk to me anymore and now I want him back before he wanted me back and I did want him to but he lives so far away and I told my new dude that I love him and he loves me too so I'm so confused what do I do ? oh and let me mention my ex is coming back to town next week to visit


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  • ok well that has happened to me before! OK let me tell you my story then you might get a idea or something. well me and my ex went out for a few weeks and he broke up with me, this was in june right? well then I couldn't get over him and I tried to get over him but yer, anyway I started to like his friend his name is kaj, and well when I did like kaj I couldn't get my ex out of my head, and I saw my ex past week and everything came back and I thought about it and I love him, so me and my ex talked for the first time since we broke up and he asked me out again, and I said yes but I can't get kaj out of my head now but I no that I love my ex more (my boyfriend now! names brad) I just think that you need to take a few days off and actully really think about it, just go somewhere that clears your head and think that's what I did and now I'm the most happiest person alive, I mean I have servere depression and I don't feel like cutting myself anymore cause I have brad, he makes me feel amazing! ask your self who do you think you would love more than your self and yer see where it goes, THINK!


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