Ways to win back an ex?

My Ex, and I had been together 4 1/2 years with a few issues now and then. In July she said she wanted to break up with me because I didn't have a job, and she was spending a little bit of money that I never asked her to pend on me. In February she started liking this other guy, and I knew it, but didn't say anything at the time. Well we got back together a few days later, but then broke up again a month later because of the money issue, and that she thought I was using her/being possessive. Next few days I find out she's going out with this guy, and she wasn't going to tell me, and her friends had to do it,

She talks all kinds of crap behind my back, thinks I'm going to hurt her/kill her, and just doesn't even act like she wants to be back with me. I have cut off contact with her completely, and have tried once to return her things, but she wouldn't come to the door. I know she brings me up a lot though in conversations, and other things though.

If anyone knows anyway for me to try to save this break-up please help. Thank you.


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  • She has already left you for another guy and the fact that she left you for money shows her true colors. STOP chasing her. She wanted someone to pamper her. Even if you get a job just for her she has already labled you as a loser in her eyes. So unless you win the lottery and spend all kinds of money on her you have a slim chance here. And why would you want a woman like that anyway? Now is the time to work on yourself, get a job (2 if you can), adjust your style, become the alpha male, and date other women. Never talk to this woman again even if she tries to come back to you. Stay strong, be a man, have fun, make money, and the rest will follow. Move on from her.


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  • Save? you my friend is dumped already! Your not going to get out of this because she thinks your a loser. You have a girl and no job...well, women like there men to have a job and money. Why would you want to get back with her after knowing she likes another guy and is now dating him?

    Move on bro and concentrate on yourself, like getting a job.

  • Stick to no contact and try move on with your life. I know that's hard, but there's really nothing you can while she is with another guy. You just have to try get past her. The more you push her, the worse it's gonna get.


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