2 months post break-up and struggling?

Me and my now ex girlfriend have been broken up for 2 months following a 5.5 year relationship.

I still love her more than anything, and I'm struggling with the break-up. She knows I still want to reconcile the relationship, but she continues to say she doesn't see it happening. However, I've tried everything. I made the typical mistakes when the break-up first happened. I tried to beg, plead, and I'm sure I came off pretty desperate.

Then I finally decided to give her space, and since then she hasn't gone more than 4-5 days without trying to text or call me, but yet still continues to say no. It just really throws me off why she acts that way.

I know talking about the relationship doesn't help, and I'm trying not to do that anymore when we talk, but I don't get why she wants to keep so much contact with me, if there really is no hope of a reconciliation

The reason we broke-up was because she didn't feel important enough in the relationship and I feel like ignoring her would only make her feel justified with the break-up, and that's not what I want.

I know I may have to be very patient with this situation and her, but I truly care about her more than anyone else. What's the best way to try and get her back other than being there when she contacts me, and how do I try to not let it eat me up so much, while I'm waiting?


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  • Move on. As you see begging doesn't get you anywhere and she has already made up her mind. Stop chasing her and start dating other girls. She is getting a kick out of the control she has over you. The power you give her has put her on a pedistal. Since she is getting her fix from you, that's why she still wants you in her life somewhat. That is until she finds someone else. Stop answering when she calls or texts. Drop off the face of the earth to her. Start going out, have some fun, hang with friends, meet other girls. The fact that she is stringing you along shows how little respect she has of you. She wants to pull away from you slowly. Don't allow her to play this game. Stop waiting for her, get out there and live your life.


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