My boyfriend's ex texts him?

my boyfriend and his ex finished a few years ago,she has since married and has a baby with her husband.i have been with my man for over a year and in that time his ex has written stuff on his facebook page (all innocent enough,but me being a girl I think she's doing it for my benefit)and she occasionally texts him,he doesn't tell me and says they aren't really what he'd call friends and he doesn't see the problem.i get really upset that she texts him,im not sure if he texts her back or not.i don't want to tell him not to be friends with her but I'm not friends with any of my exes and I don't see why they still talk? I'm really confused .my man is a lovely man and I don't think he would cheat on me,however I have been cheated on in past relationships and I'm not sure if I'm just insecure


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  • you're's a bit odd for him to be talking to her, especially if they have have a sexual history...matters worse when she's married and being a mother on top of that


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