Would a guy really go to all the effort?

So basically this guy told me he thought I was cute and sweet and he seemed to care and then he told my friend he only cared about me and then I find out that he likes the other girl and she likes him back so I was just wondering...would a guy really go to all that trouble to lead a girl on? Why would a guy put effort into pretending to like someone? Please answer. thanks


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  • I guy would really go to all that trouble to make the girl he likes jealous. Simple as that. They're idiots when they're young.

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    • I've never been around her and she has never been around me

    • All she has to know to be jealous is that you were talking. And if she knows nothing, then I don't know what's going on.

  • Eh, sorry to say it but I think a lot of guys just don't know what they want. He probably did like you as well as this other girl but she liked him back so he went with her. I don't think he really thought of it as leading you on, just as telling you his thoughts. For the most part guys aren't just out to hurt feelings.


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