Is it stupid to believe him....?

My ex and I have been working on becoming friends again after breaking up. We were really good friends before we started dating, & we dated for a little more than 5 months. He's the one who broke up with me, it was very unexpected. He basically said he shouldn't be in serious a relationship at the moment, and at the time (for me) it was hard to understand, & hard to believe his sincerity.

But recently he's been more open about explaining why he did it. He told me that he didn't feel like he should be in a relationship at the moment. He said he didn't feel satisfied with himself, and wanting to better himself before he could "give himself away". (He claims to still really like me. & he is still attracted to me, and can't always control himself when he is around me... he will grab me and even kiss me every now & then).

So I want other opinions. Am I stupid for believing him? (believing that he honestly could still like me, but needs to improve himself before making a relationship work)... Or is it a legit reason to end a relationship, even with knowing you could possibly never get that person back?


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  • well it could be true. but he's still acting like he's you're boyfriend but doesn't want to be called you're boyfriend. you should just not let him act like a boyfriend ( the kissing and grabing stuff like that) and see how he reacts


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