Will I ever get her back?? What is going on, and why is she doing this?

So last spring break I met this girl Sam at a party, we seemed to like each other from the start as we are both smart-ass and pretty sarcastic..unfortunately I was at college and she was still a senior in high school..I went back to school after the break, I visited during the semester and we ended up kissing one night for a few minutes..when I went back during that time she unfortunately started dating someone else so I put it on the back burner for now and went about with school…anyways summer rolls around and I eventually get her to come hang out with me, we had instant chemistry, and everything just seemed to click, we never argued nor fought, we could eat in silence or just lay in bed without saying anything and it was comfortable…she loved hanging out with my friends and I… while I absolutely adored her best friend, and loved hanging out with her and her friends…eventually summer ended and we had to part to different colleges, over the next several weeks we talked every day, all day..at times telling each other how much we missed each other, her saying it more than I...finally we had a weekend we both went home and she ended up breaking up with me because she never wants to hurt me, and couldn’t live with doing something she regretted like cheating on me because I treated her better than anyone ever has…went back to school and texted her for the first few days...eventually later that week, I broke down and told her how much I missed her still…she told me you can’t do this, you’ll get over me eventually and we can never be together which stung…I finally accepted and stopped texting her…after about a week she texted me finally and asked how I was but rudely…also throwing in that she got roofied but nothing happened thank god and but wrote it all in a bitchy way and not asking any questions back…I asked if she wanted to catch up on skype and she said she was too busy then maybe next week…I left her alone for 4 or 5 days and then texted to see how she was...started off good the first texts and then eventually she started giving back short answers so I left her alone...we’ve only had 2 conversations in about 3 weeks.. I’m done chasing her because I will just drive her away…but why is she acting this bitchy way? I understand completely that she is a freshman in college and she wants to have fun, I had my freshman year, loved it, and I’m perfectly fine with her getting to experience it also..She doesn’t appear to be talking to any guys right now based on facebook…but she just doesn’t want a leash and just wants to "do her" for now… Is she still trying to get over me? Is she completely over me? I haven’t creeped on her or her friends, her best friend and I text every few days because she likes me so much and I am careful never to mention Sam to her..I just don’t know what is happening Any advice..and will I ever get her back?

Oh and she also would text during the beginning weeks of school about hating guys who are assholes. that everyone was just trying to get some, and how I was hers and she missed me..
it has nothing to do with her friend and I whatsoever


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  • Wow dude I am in the exact same boat as you. I wish I had an answer for you, I struggle with this pain everyday because the girl I want back was beyond perfect for me. She has said to me almost everything similar to what yours has said to you. Except we actually got to the love part we would tell each other that we love each other. I even gave her a promise ring. But she is young like yours and is confused with her life and is constantly making the bad decisions and going off with guys that are absolutely wrong for her. Her friends even tell her she is stupid, I could give her the world and make her dreams come true. She knew this and was too afraid that it was a fairytale. She would tell me that she doesn't deserve this. but she also struggled with letting go of other guys and things she was use to in her life. She had broke my heart once before and I removed her from my life and then out of no where she came back and begged for a second chance she really proved that she wanted it so I finally gave her the second chance and now she broke my heart again. I wanna hope there is a 3rd chance for her but this is by far the worst pain a person can go through. I know one day she will wake up and realize what she had but I would need a lot from her to give her another chance.

    I know this doesn't help I just saw what you said and thought of what I was going through. If you wanna talk more about it I am cool with that. Maybe we can help each other out. I am sorry you have to go through this its not fair to you or me.

  • Im on your boat also... It sucks when a girl tells you, "Id never feel smart enough, pretty enough or skinny enough for you" when you view them as your "perfect" girl. I would say MOVE ON, that's what I'm doing. And if she proves herself for another chance, consider it.


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