My ex is now trying to get back with me?

i have had a relationship with this guy for a really short time. we broke up because my dad got mad when he knew about it, we promised not to see anybody else. but after a few weeks, he dated a girl whom I know had a big crush on him. I was hurt but got over it and dated his friend. we got on with our own lives. a party happened where this ex of mine got hooked up with my now ex-bff. they both left their partners for each other and had a "passionate" relationship for a year. now that they have broken up weeks ago because the guy got fed up with all the dramas my ex bff had made him get through, my ex is now trying to get back with me and I know my ex bff is still not over him. I'm so confused! I like him but I'm afraid because what if he'll do the same thing to me? what should I do?help! :/


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  • I don't think you should get back together with him. He doesn't sound like a good guy

    • Really? he's being really nice to me or is it just his way for him to get laid?can't I just play along or what? :|

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