Do your friends point out that you like someone when you don't realize it yourself?

OK so I've been friends with a this guy for a while now. We sit beside each other in English and up until now, I didn't realize I even had feelings for him!

my friend asked me suddenly if I liked him and after a moments thought I told her I didn't know. However, after it lying in my mind I realized that I did like him!

But, the last guy I fell for, I never realized I liked either till my friend asked me about him so I'm really confused!

does this happen to any of you? your friend asks if you like someone then after some thought, you realize you do?

Also, he teases me and steals my ruler in class, is this his way of flirting with me?

Please help! thanks


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  • yup...I think they more tease than to make us realize that we like someone.

    • Haha thanks. my friend didn't really tease me though. She kinda just turned around and nearly made me walk into her before asking me if I liked the guy

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