Should I let him go?

I liked this guy - met online but never in person. We spoke for about seven months. Initially he wanted to fly me out to see him browse I declined, stating I couldn't let him pay for it.

Months went by, the emails lessened. He said it wasn't me, that he was having a hard time securing a job in another country. And depending on that, he wanted to come see me.

Well last month he got the job. But he hadn't brought up the subject about meeting up, nor had I. Finally I asked him what his plans were (this was last Friday). He told me he was going to take a 4 day vacation to another country. I asked him what happened to him coming to see me. He stated that because he hadn't sold his car for as much as he'd hoped, that a lot of plans were compromised.

So I ended it. I sent him a "goodbye" email and deleted him from my life. Now I'm thinking I was too impulsive. I miss him.

Would it be too much for me to send an apologetic email? Guys what do you think? Or should I just leave e everything as is? What would you do?


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  • I don think it's ever too late. I've been talking to this girl I met online every day for the last six months. We very quickly found out we like each other. But lack of practicality made it very... difficult. There were a lot of ups and downs in my wishful pseudo-relationship. However... I never gave up on her. And lo and behold, I'm now booked on a flight to go see her - tomorrow in fact. We talk all the time, skype, and I even have an opportunity to go to college near her next semester. Talk about a turn-around. If you really like this guy, I would stay in touch. You never know what luck life may throw at you.

    • Thanks for commenting. So do you think that even though I basically told him to "have a nice life" that if I sent him another email letting him know that I regret my actions, he would hear me out? I mean would guys really go for that?

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    • See but that's the difference. You're the one that persisted. My guy also told me to quit talking nonsense every time I told him maybe we should cool it. Has your girl ever ended it? Or just talked about it? If she had completely ended it with you - would you still have tried to contact her? That's why I'm a little hesitant on contacting him at all...

    • She did completely end it at one point. Then proceeded to tell me how terrible of a mistake it was after about half a day. So far things are quite good. ^.^

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  • I had a similar issue, I met this girl online.

    To be honest this guy seems like he has some issues with his life that he needs to deal with. Why would he head to another country but not have money to come see you?

    Anyway, I wouldn't send him an apologetic email. Let him cool off a bit, he seems to not have it all together yet. Maybe call him every now and again, but don't always make first contact. Focus on yourself, that is what I'm doing right now until I can meet my girl, maybe I'll find someone I like more.

    Just realize that you haven't met yet and cannot have an actual, factual, relationship. It took me a while to realize this and now I lost the girl I adore, at least until further notice.

    You can find my story here link

    • Apparently (and I checked so it's legit), it costs double to get a flight here than to where he went. He's currently not in the US so the country he went to was cheaper. Thanks for the input though - will keep it in mind!

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  • just leave it as it is. you should meet someone you can see and hangout with. not get you're hopes up and then have them crushed because something happened. and if he doesn't have enuf money to see you how can he go to another country?

  • after you deleted him, did he try to reach out to you?

    I don't think you should get back in touch. I'm only saying that because he's just a penpal. Don't waste so much time and energy into this.

    • No - but he had already taken off on his vacation so I doubt he noticed I deleted him until I sent him the "goodbye" email.

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