Second chance? Asking out again.

I asked this girl out to hang with my friends on a specific date but she said she had to go to her cousin's birthday party that day. Her response was hesitant. Is that a good sign? I usually am not confused about this but she always hot and cold with me. Should I even try to ask her out again? I see her 3-4 days a week because of class.


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  • Sup Man,

    I think we as guys generally make things a lot more complicated than they need to be. The general rule is that a person (man or woman) who is interested in another person will want to spend time with that person. For example, If she asked you out and really did have a prior engagement to attend, you would tell her you can't that day BUT quickly siggest another day, right? Well, generally women aren't all that different. The difference between the two sexes lies in the courting rituals more than how we react to people we like. Now there are exceptions, but that rule generally holds true. I say give her another go. It can't hurt. Pay attention to HOW she answers you. Is she precise? Does she smile after you ask? Does her voice elevate? Those are good signs. Try again in another week. At the very least she will know you are absolutely interested and the rest is up to her.

    Best of Luck! ;)

    • Your a god for the unrest less.

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