How could my ex boyfriend move so quickly?

Me and my ex were together a little over two years, the first two years were AMAZING, with the occasional disagreement here and there. However, about 5 months ago we broke up because we just couldn't get pass this one argument. I was fine until I THOUGHT (found out later she was just a friend to talk to) he was talking to someone else. About a month went by and we decided we wanted to be back together, but whenever we got close to actually making it official something would happen. (rumors, no communication, etc.) I became very insecure and wishy washy about our relationship, and continually told him I couldn't do it(the next day or so I'd apologize though) for the past three months, but he always took me back. But about a month ago I did it because I heard a rumor and he called it quits for good. I've begged and apologized all this month, he even acted like we could get back together( spending qt, talking..). but a week ago he told me he was talking to someone they're in a relationship! HE WAS JUST WITH ME 4WEEKS AGO. He said he stills loves me and is in love with me but he can't try to make it work anymore because of my actions. I'm so confused we are each others first loves! And sadly she's perfect for him:(


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  • I'm surprised that after all that ranting, you admit that this new girl is perfect for him. lol. You seem pretty kindhearted.

    Um...honestly it sounds like despite all this rumor talk, he kinda just fell out of love with you. Maybe it had to do with all that fussing between the two of you, idk. Regardless, I think it would just be best to move on like he did. And if it was truly meant to be, he'll be back. Best of luck to you.

  • He found someone else. You hsould too


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