I tore my ACL now what?

I am a very active person but I was recently dropped out of a cheer leading stunt and tore my acl and my meniscus. I really want to stay in shape while I am off it. Any ideas? I am getting surgery in about two weeks and I can swim or any activity for at least three more... any ideas how to stay in shape?


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  • Physical therapy is about it... I tore my ACL at the end or April and I believe I couldn't swim laps, run, or do anything else till my doctor said it was OK at about 3 months. You could always ask you therapists or your doctor but I don't think you can exercise besides physical therapy.

    You should focus though on resting it, doing the physical therapy exercises(the exercises do hurt when you start them, just warning you), and making sure you get and keep your range (after the surgery you will barely be able to move it and will have no range, and I know somebody who coulod extened it all the way, stopped the exercises and then completely lost her range again so she had to do the range exercises all over again for an extra 2 weeks about), don't push yourself to far with exercising or you could re-injure it (I do martial arts and my doctor stil warns me about pushing myself, I just started martial arts again), and besides honestly your knee will probably hurt like a 6 or 8 on a scale of 10 after taking the pain medicine for the first 2-3 weeks about and you probably will get a bunch of machines for compression and movement that you literally have to do all day (6-8 hours 2 times a day I think for the movement machince and about 2-3 hours for the compression (and as needed also) so you probably won't feel like exercising anyways.

    but you should always ask your doctors and physical therapists for any questions anyways.

    • It wasn't an 6-8 all the tme but it is extremely painful when you try to move it but always has a little pain or discomfort. Also I would recommend you get a nerve block done(it completely numbs your leg), it seems to help the pain on day 1-3 determining how long the numbness lasts(in case you don't know, you should plan on having somebody there to help you after surgery(it makes it a lot easier))

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  • Sometimes it is better to let the injury heal otherwise you will make it worse and be out of action for longer, try doing aerobic exercise that doesn't affect the injury..


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  • If you want any chance of returning to your normal self post surgery, you really need to stay off of it for the next three weeks and however long after that.

    A girl on my rugby team tore her acl last year and she's still recovering and walking with a limp all because she kept trying to stay active when she should have been resting.


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